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A fun fall recipe for your dogs Kong.

We all know that busy dogs are well behaved dogs. Boo and I have our walks around Denver in the morning, training in the afternoon and sometimes there is a photo session stuck in there as well so he’s kind of a busy guy.

Sometimes though I have to meet a deadline, I’m at my computer working and clearly not doing my job entertaining him so he will try to jump on my lap while I work. He’s 70 pounds so that’s just not a good option.

Giving him food puzzles is a great way to keep him busy. He has to work to get a snack and it keeps him busy so I can get my work done. He’s a smart boy though and he’s figured out most of the puzzles pretty quickly and now he gets through them in seconds. So we donated those to a shelter but we kept the Kong toys. These are great to stuff and throw in the freezer and it will keep him busy for at least a half hour.

I’ve tried looking up Kong recipes online and to be honest I was a little horrified by the junk food people put in them. Don’t fill them with spray cheese, marshmallows, and other things that your dogs don’t need in their diet

I want Boo to have a healthy life and live as long as possible so I buy quality food. I use healthy snacks for him and all of my pet photography sessions as well.

Here a  couple of recipes I use to fill the Kongs. The great thing is it’s inexpensive too. The total for the ingredients was $6.36 and that will fill at least ten of the large Kongs. I like to prep them all at once so I have one if I need it in a pinch.

The first is kind of a standard recipe, peanut butter, banana and a small amount of oats. Be cautious when you buy peanut butter, I pick one that only has peanuts in the ingredients list. Some of them have sweeteners that can kill your dog.

Healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe
Healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe.

This is the jar of peanut butter, three bananas and just a handful of oats to give it a little texture.

Mixing healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe
Mixing healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe.

I put a bit of wax paper or saran wrap at the bottom of a Kong and place it in a mug to make it easier to fill. Once it’s filled I finish wrapping it and place it in the freezer. 

Easy way to fill the Kong if you don't have 4 hands.
Easy way to fill the Kong if you don’t have 4 hands.

This is a great fall recipe for your dog. Sweet potato, carrots, and an apple. If I already have the oven on I’ll roast them. If not, I don’t mind popping the sweet potato in the microwave and boiling the carrots. Then I chop them into small pieces and mix it together. If you really want to be fancy you could add cranberry or parsley to it.

A fun fall recipe for your dogs Kong.
A fun fall recipe for your dogs Kong.

This is a much healthier and less expensive option than buying pressed bones or garbage snacks to keep them busy. Just make sure the foods you do choose to add to a kong are healthy for your dog.

Here’s a photo of Boo Radley in the back yard with a Kong. Usually he eats them on the kitchen floor but I confess I made him come outside because I can’t get enough of the fall leaves!

Boo Radley busy with his Kong.
Boo Radley busy with his Kong.



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