A Tribute to Deuce: A Family Dog in Denver

Recently I photographed this dog at his home in Denver. This handsome fluff named Deuce, belonged to a girl and they were fantastic friends, the best of buds, they did everything together. Then the girl met a guy they fell in love and had a family. Deuce being the wonderful dog he was welcomed and loved all the new family members. Even the small tiny twin girls that came into his life. More people to play with and more people to love means a great life. Deuce was a lucky boy to have such a wonderful family, they loved and took care of him right up to the day he died. Deuce will always be remembered for his goofy antics, he youthful spirit, and for the most spectacular love for his family. You were a great dog and a wonderful friend sweet boy.


Deuce hiding in flowers
Deuce looking adorable hiding in the flowers.
Deuce the best family dog.
Deuce was the most amazing family dog. He’ll be remembered for all the love he gave.
Deuce the dog happy in his yard.
Deuce looking happy in his yard.

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