Bedtime | 52 Week Project | Week 45

This was a really tough week for me. I wasn’t planning on participating in the project this week but my husband encouraged me to and once we saw the theme he wouldn’t let me not participate.

scratching my dog's ears
scratching my dog’s ears
As some of you know my very special boy Cleo became very ill this week and passed away. My bedtime pictures are not from our normal routine. They are during the day and I was trying to get my boy to lay still and rest in the hopes that he would get better. I laid on the floor next to him for two days, fed him, pet him, talked to him, and when I didn’t know what to say I read out loud to him. It was the part of the day that he got the most rest. I knew that he wasn’t really going to get better, the vet told us before we left that it wasn’t going to happen, but it wasn’t going to stop me from trying.
StinkDog Photos Cleo bedtime story
My last moments with my dog, Cleo.
My last moments with my dog, Cleo.
I’m so lucky that I had such a wonderful friend and companion in my life for so many years. I’m heartbroken and I will love this boy forever. Goodnight my sweet Cleo. Sweet dreams.
StinkDog Photos Cleo bedtime


a girls best friend
A girls best friend
We don’t want you to be sad too so wipe those tears and go see what beautiful photos HMG Photography • Pet & Portrait Photographer in Parkton, MD has posted. Have a wonderful week and take care.
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