Friends | 52 Week Project | Week 42

Hi Everyone,

The theme for the blog this week is friends.

Boo’s bestie is my husband, Jamie. Boo Radley loves Jamie and Jamie likes Boo when Boo is sitting still. Ha!

You see, Boo has bad habits when it comes to Jamie, as soon as we sit down after dinner Boo starts to bark in Jamie’s face and he takes things from Jamie, like his shoes, and runs around the house pretending he’s going to chew them. He thinks Jamie will chase him and play. Of course we stopped chasing him for things last year but Boo still keeps trying. After a while Boo comes and lays down next to Jamie and then Jamie pets him and Boo falls asleep. These pictures are Boo sleeping next to Jamie. Jamie didn’t really want to be in the photo so it’s a foot and a hand, imagine someone there. 😉

you can relax with friends
StinkDog Photos - Friends
mans best friend

Boo has other friends too but he didn’t see any of his doggy friends this week so I’m also posting pictures of Boo and his “make believe” friends or the friends he chews the stuffing out of. Sometimes I put them in Boo’s collar and he struts around the house with them. Eventually he gets tired of it and he pulls them out.

StinkDog Photos - Friends-3
my dog’s make believe friends, his toys

Happy weekend.



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