Denver’s City Park | Photo Session With Chance

Some photo sessions are just fun. When you have a dog with such a great personality and owners that appreciate the quirkiness it makes for a fun time.

Chance is pretty awesome, he reminds me a lot of my dog Boo Radley. Not so much in looks but in personality. They both have some quirks that make life interesting.

We had our session at City Park in Denver and wondered over towards the lake and the boathouse to take photos and Chance was a perfect model. He was also pretty interested in the camera at first. Most dogs are. I assume he really wanted to take his own photo and I think this first photo is what it would look like if dogs could take selfies.

Chance making the most of his photo session at City Park in Denver
Chance the dog making the most of his pet photography session in Denver’s City Park



When you pose like a gargoyle the photo must be converted to black and white.






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Wide Open | 52 Week Project | Week 6

Happy Friday,

the theme for the 52 Week Project this week is open. Ok, busted. It was wide open but Boo wouldn’t open his mouth, maybe he had stage fright, so now it’s, “open” as in open mic night.

Boo Radley was pretending to be a rock star and I was using my OCF to play with lighting. For the people who are not photographers OCF is off camera flash. They are small portable lights that are really pretty awesome for lighting on the go or in the studio.

Here are photos of Boo Radley the rock star.

Photos of Boo open mic
Boo at open mic night, little rock star



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Have a great week!




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Framing Your Subject | 52 Week Project | Week 4

Framing Your Subject

This week in the 52 Week Project the theme is framing your subject.

Photographers use a lot of different items to frame their subjects. Trees, architecture, fabric. I’m going to use paper. I use paper backgrounds a lot in my studio work and sometimes I really use a lot of paper.

What did your dog just do?

Boo Radley usually has a great time in the studio and he’s really well behaved because he knows he’s getting snacks. He is used to being in a studio since his mom is a pet photographer but most dogs are not used to it and every once in a while there are a few scared dogs or cats that are a disaster in the studio. I’ve had them pee on, barf on, rip, and completely shred the back ground paper.

It’s not their fault!

They are just nervous. Dogs and cats aren’t used to being around ultra large rolled up sheets of thick paper that makes noise when it moves. That can be scary. Fortunately lots of treats, toys, and encouragement get them over their fear pretty fast so that we can get a great shot after we roll out a little more paper, of course.

Here are photos of Boo Radley with a paper frame.

Denver pet photographer rolls out lots of paper instead of carpet for photo shoots
Boo Radley is busing through the photography background paper during his Denver pet photography session

Boo Radley's photo bustin through paper

Boo Radley's photo bustin through paper

Have a great week!



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