Old Family Pet Photos

This week we are celebrating old family photos that included our pets. We love these photos because of the expressions on our family and pet’s faces, we’re cherishing those who have left us, and they allow us to hold onto special memories.

We’ve put up a few of our favorite photos on our blog and our Facebook page and we would love it if you posted your old family pet photos on our Facebook page and let us know why you love them so much. We really do want to see them!!

This photo is our son Tyler hugging Cleo soon after we brought Cleo home from the Dumb Friends League, a rescue group in Denver. I love how they both look so happy. We always joked with Tyler that Cleo was his brother from another mother.
 old family photos
 This photo is Tyler at six months learning how to pet our kitty.
old photos with family pets
old photos with family pets
Don’t forget to share your old family photos with your pets on our Facebook page!

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Cleo’s Worn Out Dog Tag

Popping Dog Tags

This morning one of Cleo’s dog tags came off his collar. It completely wore out. This was his first tag from the Dumb Friends League where we adopted him 11 years ago this week!  Needless to say I checked his other tags and the script is barely legible. Part of the phone number and address is worn off. I think it’s time to go shopping for a new collar and tags.

dog tag
Cleo’s worn out dog tag

© 2012 StinkDog Photos by Deanna Hurt All rights reserved.