Color | 52 Week Project | Week 17

Happy Friday,

The theme for the blog this week is color. I do love some bright colors in my photography. It’s funny because some of my very favorite photographers work in black and white or with subtle and faded color so I’m not sure why I love color so much when I take photos but I do. Maybe it has something to do with the happy feelings I have when I take photos. It could also be our location. We aren’t called Colorful Colorado for nothing.

Boo Radley’s butterfly headband was made by my husband. I came home with a spring banner I bought in the party section of Target for $5 and cut the strings off the butterflies and my husband hot glued them to a headband for me. I removed the wires in Photoshop to make them look like they were floating above his head.

I admit it, I love this photo of Boo Radley.

Denver pet photography spring color photos
Denver pet photography spring color photos


All three of these photos we taken with natural light and a reflector.


Up next is Waikato, New Zealand pet photographer. Click through all the links to see how other professional pet photographers interpreted the theme color.

Have a great week everyone.



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