Head Tilt | 52 Week Project | Week 39

Hi everyone!

Head tilt is the theme for the 52 Week Project this week. One of my very favorite things!

Boo is very much a head tilting kind of dog. When we first got him he did it all the time. Now that he’s getting used to certain noises he doesn’t do it as much, but it still happens on a daily basis. He does it when my husband comes home from work. He runs to the door and stares at it and tilts his head with each noise until Jamie finally walks in the door then Boo Radley wags his entire back end and follows Jamie all around the house. Someday soon I’ll record a video of that, it makes my heart melt when I see it.

The head tilt from the photograph below is the result of me asking Boo, “where’s Daddy? Is Daddy home yet? Where did he go?” in a very soft voice.

dog doing head tilt
the cutest dog in the world doing a head tilt


The next photo is from the archive. I happened to be organizing some digital files and saw it when I was putting together this blog so I had to include it. It’s a puppy that was up for adoption a couple of years ago. I was taking his photo for the shelter and the only way to get him to sit still was to give him a bone. He looks like he’s doing a head tilt but really he was just chewing away at the bone. You can kind of see it under his nose. He’s so cute.

puppy tilting his head
The cutest puppy in the world tilting his head


Have a really wonderful week.






52 Week Project: Week 4 – Favorite Book

Happy Friday!

This week the theme for the 52 Week Project is favorite book. Oh, there are so many books I absolutely love! However, when your dog is named after a literary character you should probably go with that. So, here is Boo Radley playing Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird.

It’s the scene where Boo is hiding behind the door in the Finch house after he rescued the kids, Jem and Scout.

Boo Radley as Boo Radley
Boo Radley as Boo Radley

My Boo Radley doesn’t seem as frightened as the fictional Boo Radley did. Perhaps if the fictional Boo Radley had a snack waiting for him he would have known everything was going to be ok.

Just in case you haven’t read the book, and you definitely should because it’s wonderful, Boo’s only line in the book is soon after this scene, he said to Scout, “Will you take me home?” Now you know, when you meet a dog in a shelter named Boo Radley it’s time for you to take him home.

I’m very excited to see what Georgian Bay Studios, Toronto, Ontario has done for this week’s theme. Click through all the links until you get back to StinkDog Photos.

Have a great week.



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Tails from the other side | 52 Week Project | Week 51

Tails, tails, tails. That’s our project for this week. Anything on the other side of the face. I have to say some dogs have really cute back ends and some are not so cute. So depending on the doggie or kitty I may or may not get a booty shot. One thing I do love is when a dog is curled up and wraps his tail around his nose. So cute and cuddly. So here is my shot this week for the 52 week project.

Boo with his tail around his nose. I just want to snuggle up with him.

dog sleeping
Photo of Boo sleeping
dog sleeping
Photo of Boo sleeping

Here’s the tail end of my post… now head on over to Windsor Pet Photographer, NCS Pet Photography to see what she has posted this week and follow the blog ring until you get back to StinkDog Photos. Have a great week everyone!

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Don’t let the dog bed get cold.

Everyone deals with grief differently and figuring out when to get another dog is not always easy. Especially when one person is ready and another is not. Cleo hasn’t been gone very long and I felt such a loss that I didn’t want to get another dog. Not yet. I knew that a few months down the road I’d probably be ready, but not now. I miss him too much.

My husband felt differently. The house is lonesome without a dog.  It’s harder for him because he does not spend his days working with dogs. I still had playtime and companionship with the dogs I work with. He did not.

Everytime I went to the Maxfund Jamie would say, “You can come home with a dog. Any dog.” It felt disrespectful to me. Cleo had only been gone for a couple of days. I was mad when he said it. “Jeez, Jamie. Don’t let the dog bed get cold!” I snapped. I know for sure that he’s not being disrespectful to Cleo and Jamie misses him as much as I do, but it still stung. I’m not ready.

A Friends Advice

Recently, one of my friends was telling me about his experience losing a dog and how he waited for many months before he adopted another one. Looking back he wondered why he waited because having a dog made him so happy and why postpone happiness?

Bringing Home the Spaz

I still wasn’t sure but I thought maybe we could foster a dog. I’ll check out the larger dogs at the Maxfund to see if there is one that could use a little help. Of course there are plenty of dogs that could use a little help! I picked Boo Radley and I brought him home for an overnight visit. Jamie was thrilled to say the least, “I hear a four legged!” he said when I came in the door. With that, work was done for the rest of the night and he played with Boo Radley for hours. I still wasn’t sure. “He’s kind of a spaz.” I texted a friend.

Boo Radley really is kind of a spaz, but he’s super sweet too, and we had fun playing with him. Jamie was not happy when it was time to bring him back to the Maxfund. I was still torn. But then I realized that loving Cleo and missing him doesn’t mean I can’t open my heart to another dog. If we had two dogs I would have loved them both. So why am I waiting? For a time when I won’t miss Cleo? I don’t think that will ever happen.

We did bring Boo Radley back to the Maxfund because it was just an overnight visit and while we were there we filled out the paperwork to bring him home. But, instead of filling out the foster parent application, we adopted Boo Radley. He’s ours now, part of the family, our home is his forever home, and he’s pretty cozy in his new dog bed.

Here’s a photo of our new dog, Boo Radley.

Welcoming a new dog.
It’s a boy!


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