The Dog in the Kitchen | Healthy Stuff for Kongs

We all know that busy dogs are well behaved dogs. Boo and I have our walks around Denver in the morning, training in the afternoon and sometimes there is a photo session stuck in there as well so he’s kind of a busy guy.

Sometimes though I have to meet a deadline, I’m at my computer working and clearly not doing my job entertaining him so he will try to jump on my lap while I work. He’s 70 pounds so that’s just not a good option.

Giving him food puzzles is a great way to keep him busy. He has to work to get a snack and it keeps him busy so I can get my work done. He’s a smart boy though and he’s figured out most of the puzzles pretty quickly and now he gets through them in seconds. So we donated those to a shelter but we kept the Kong toys. These are great to stuff and throw in the freezer and it will keep him busy for at least a half hour.

I’ve tried looking up Kong recipes online and to be honest I was a little horrified by the junk food people put in them. Don’t fill them with spray cheese, marshmallows, and other things that your dogs don’t need in their diet

I want Boo to have a healthy life and live as long as possible so I buy quality food. I use healthy snacks for him and all of my pet photography sessions as well.

Here a  couple of recipes I use to fill the Kongs. The great thing is it’s inexpensive too. The total for the ingredients was $6.36 and that will fill at least ten of the large Kongs. I like to prep them all at once so I have one if I need it in a pinch.

The first is kind of a standard recipe, peanut butter, banana and a small amount of oats. Be cautious when you buy peanut butter, I pick one that only has peanuts in the ingredients list. Some of them have sweeteners that can kill your dog.

Healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe
Healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe.

This is the jar of peanut butter, three bananas and just a handful of oats to give it a little texture.

Mixing healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe
Mixing healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe.

I put a bit of wax paper or saran wrap at the bottom of a Kong and place it in a mug to make it easier to fill. Once it’s filled I finish wrapping it and place it in the freezer. 

Easy way to fill the Kong if you don't have 4 hands.
Easy way to fill the Kong if you don’t have 4 hands.

This is a great fall recipe for your dog. Sweet potato, carrots, and an apple. If I already have the oven on I’ll roast them. If not, I don’t mind popping the sweet potato in the microwave and boiling the carrots. Then I chop them into small pieces and mix it together. If you really want to be fancy you could add cranberry or parsley to it.

A fun fall recipe for your dogs Kong.
A fun fall recipe for your dogs Kong.

This is a much healthier and less expensive option than buying pressed bones or garbage snacks to keep them busy. Just make sure the foods you do choose to add to a kong are healthy for your dog.

Here’s a photo of Boo Radley in the back yard with a Kong. Usually he eats them on the kitchen floor but I confess I made him come outside because I can’t get enough of the fall leaves!

Boo Radley busy with his Kong.
Boo Radley busy with his Kong.



StinkDog Photos is the Winner of the 2015 Vision Award

Denver pet photographer StinkDog Photos received a 2015 Vision Award in photography and won first place in the animal category with the studio portrait of Boo Radley before his bath.

The winners were published in the June 2015 edition of Shutter Magazine.

Pet photography is my passion and I’m honored and very excited to receive this award and to have a merited image in my first print competition.

Boo's Bath wins the Vision Award
Winner of the 2015 Vision Award

Thank you to ShutterFest, Shutter Magazine, and the judges.

Also, thank you to my dog Boo Radley for allowing me to dress him up in silly costumes, take photos of him, and feed him cheese as a reward for being such an awesome model.




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Wide Open | 52 Week Project | Week 6

Happy Friday,

the theme for the 52 Week Project this week is open. Ok, busted. It was wide open but Boo wouldn’t open his mouth, maybe he had stage fright, so now it’s, “open” as in open mic night.

Boo Radley was pretending to be a rock star and I was using my OCF to play with lighting. For the people who are not photographers OCF is off camera flash. They are small portable lights that are really pretty awesome for lighting on the go or in the studio.

Here are photos of Boo Radley the rock star.

Photos of Boo open mic
Boo at open mic night, little rock star



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Have a great week!




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Introductions | 52 Week Project | Week 1


This is Week 1 for the 2015 professional pet photographer’s 52 Week Project and the theme is introductions.

This is my dog Boo Radley. He is a mixed breed dog that we adopted from the Maxfund in Denver, Colorado two years ago. I actually met him because I was taking photos of adoptable dogs for their website. The person that was holding his leash actually said to me, “you might want to back up, I’m not so sure about him.” He was making the same face as he is below. Turns out that’s his very serious focus face, he’s very focused on the snack I have for him.

He was in the shelter for a couple of months before I brought him home and I picked him because I knew he’d be hard to adopt out. A large, all black dog with terrible manners isn’t first on most peoples list for a pet. As it turns out, we hit the jackpot, what we got is a big, goofy, love bug (with terrible manners).

Boo is very smart and loves to learn new tricks and he loves to pose for me as long as I have a tasty snack for payment. He loves it so much that sometimes I have to give him snacks in another room so that I can break down the set without him in the way.

He’s really sweet and he loves people. Sometimes he can be a little too enthusiastic when he meets them but he just wants to get in their lap and lick their face, what’s wrong with that really? 😉

Boo Radley


We are looking forward to a new set of challenges for the 52 Week Project this year and are excited to see our old friends and meet new ones in the blog circle. I hope you are excited too.

Cahlean from About A Dog Photography, St. Cloud Minnesota is up next. I had the pleasure of meeting her when she came to Colorado for a fall trip a couple of years ago, she’s sweet and talented and I can’t wait to see what she’s come up with this week.

Have a great week!



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Cliche | 52 Week Project | Week 51

Hi Everyone,

This week the theme for the 52 Week Project is cliché. Take any photography cliché and try to make it interesting.  Railroad tracks, heart shaped hands, and the one I picked, selective color.

You know the black and white photos with one color painted in so that the one color in the photo really stands out. A lot of those photos are painted eyes or scarves. I love Boo Radley’s eyes and having them stand out is really nice but instead of taking out the color of everything else in photoshop or over saturating his eyes I thought it would be better to try to use a backdrop and some texture in a color that matched Boo’s fur so that his eye would naturally stand out. No fake paint here. I think it gives the photo more depth and interest.

Selective color photo of Boo Radley


Up next is Greater Cincinnati Photographer, Carol Locey Photography.

Have a great week!