Before and After | 52 Week Project

For those of you that have been around for a while you know that I used to participate in a 52 week project with pet photographers from around the world. Last year, I worked on other projects and didn’t participate but now I’M BA-ACK! (I’m saying that in Oprah’s voice.)

The theme changes weekly and this week the theme is before and after. I thought I’d show you a bit of post processing.

There are a couple of questions people have about pet photography sessions. The first is, do you need to have your dog off leash during the session? It’s natural to make that assumption since most dog photos I post have dogs that are sitting, standing, and running without a leash. The truth is about 99% of the dogs I photograph are on leash. I just photoshop the leash out.

Here is a before and after photo of leash removal.

Leash removal.
Before and after leash removal.


Another question I get is what do we do if it’s cloudy during our session? We love our blue skies in Denver and people are concerned if it’s a hazy day that the photos will look drab. I love shooting in cloudy weather! When it’s cloudy there are no harsh shadows and the light is soft and pretty. Sometimes the sky is a bit bland but even that is something that can be fixed in photoshop.

Here is a before and after sky replacement on a hazy day.


Sky replacement
Before and after sky replacement.

Post processing can also be used to fix shaved spots from recent IV’s, eye boogies, drool and anything else that’s distracting. The ultimate goal is to create a portrait that focuses on your dog or cat.

I hope you enjoyed the before and after, up next is Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area.



Then and Now | 52 Week Project |Week 15

Happy Friday,

The theme for the 52 Week Project this week is then and now. We could show our progress as photographers, show how our pets have grown, or show before and after edits. I thought it would be great to show a before and after edit.

I was in St Louis for part of this week and I had a session with an awesome disk dog named Sky while I was there. Coincidentally, I had to replace the sky in the photo, it’s not something I normally need to do since we live in Denver and enjoy our nice blue sky most of the year. But, I was in St. Louis and it had been raining right before the session and the sky was hazy and overblown so I had to replace it.  I also lightened up the shadows a little, it helped bring out the color in his eyes. Now that I’m looking at it I’m probably going to replace the dead spots in the grass as well.

Before and after edit
Before and after edit


This is a before and after edit for a pup named Zero. We had our session in Denver so the sky is super blue but I did need to lighten the shadows a tiny bit, remove the leash and the little rock, remove the telephone pole on the right and straighten out the image a bit.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the before and after, I thought it was important to show some of the edits because some people worry they can’t have their dogs photos taken if they can’t be off leash. I always tell them I’d rather that their dog be safe and spend more time editing than risk the safety of their dog to save me some time.

Before and after edit
Photo of before and after edit

Up next is Cincinnati pet photographer, Suzi Pix Photography. Don’t forget to click through all the links until you get back to StinkDog Photos.

Have a great week.