52 Week Project | Exposure | Week 5

Whoop, whoop, it’s Friday!

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in the 52 Week Project and the project has changed quite a bit. The project is now focused on a more technical aspect of photography.

This week’s theme is exposure: optimize your raw exposures.

The idea is to create the best photo in camera. You want it to have highlights that show detail and shadows that show detail. Anything too light or too dark and you will lose data.

We are supposed to turn on a feature in our camera that shows the “blinkies” when you take a photo. The blinkies are a warning that a highlight is overexposed, you can see below where the red arrow is pointing the black portions show you what’s overexposed. If you look at the photo on the back of the camera without that feature turned on you can miss that assuming a portion of the photo is white instead of overexposed. That happens frequently with snow, or white fur.

I admit that I rarely turn this feature on, I find it annoying. If I’m taking a photo of something that is white on white, I might turn it on but most of the time I’m just very careful with my exposure and sometimes shoot a tiny bit darker in light situations to avoid missing data.

Example of the blinkies.
Example of the blinkies on Canon

This is a photo of Boo in his dog house. It snowed two days ago and you can see the snow is still like fresh powder. Boo only goes into his house for snacks. He’s an inside dog, he’s sleeping under my desk right now, but we got the house thinking he might like it in the summer to stay cool. Not so much. So now I bribe him with snacks to get in there if I want to take a photo of him in it and he usually stands  just inside and and pokes his head out.

Anyway…. this photo is straight out of camera. It had a tiny amount of blinkies on the left hand side in the snow but when I changed the aperture it was a little too dark and the snow was a bit gray. I made the choice to use this photo instead of the other. I’m ok with a tiny bit of detail missing in snow if Boo Radley isn’t underexposed.

Straight out of camera
Straight out of camera

This is the same photo with some small edits. I lowered the highlights, removed some eye boogies, and brightened up his face a tiny bit.

With minor edits.
With minor edits

I wanted to try it again with flash. You can look at the first photo above to see how many blinkies there were in the photo. I would have changed the settings to get rid of a few of them but my husband came home and Boo ran out of the dog house. There is no treat better than dad coming home. Just goes to show you sometimes it’s more important to get the photo instead of making it perfect. But, if you have time and a patient model it’s great to try it again.

Flashing Boo in his dog house straight out of camera
Flashing Boo in his dog house, straight out of camera.

Here is the same photo with some minor edits. I decreased the highlights, and cleaned up Boo’s eye boogies.

Flashing Boo Radley in his dog house with edits
Flashing Boo Radley in his dog house with edits

This is my favorite photo of Boo Radley in his dog house. It was from a previous blog about symmetry. I love the fence in the background, the snow falling off the roof and Boo giving me that very focused treat face.

Symmetry in dog photos
Symmetry in dog photos

Up next is Spotty Nose Pet Photogray, Los Angeles, CA.


Have a great week!


Warmth | 52 Week Project | Week 38

Happy Friday!

Warmth is the theme for the project this week. We can make our photos look warm or project warmth in another way.

The leaves haven’t started changing just yet in Colorado but it won’t be long before the Aspens are sporting their beautiful gold leaves in the mountains so I had to rely on a little bit of post processing to get the color.

I’m excited for fall and looking forward to a few drives with the dog and the camera this year. Boo is just barely starting to behave on a leash so if I’m lucky I’ll be able to get a photo of him someplace besides the back yard, assuming I’ve brought enough treats.

He looks like he doesn’t appreciate my last comment.

denver pet photographer 52 week project
Warmth is the theme for the 52 Week Project

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Vivid | 52 Week Project | Week 32

Happy Friday!

Agh, nice to be back with the 52 Week Project. This week’s theme is vivid.

The definition of vivid: 1. strikingly bright or intense, as color, light, etc. (a vivid green), 2. full of life; lively; animated (a vivid personality), 3. presenting the appearance, freshness, spirit, etc., of life.

I normally don’t include the definitions for the theme in my 52 Week Project but this one so clearly fit Chloe on so many levels that I thought it would be nice.

Chloe the boxer has a few years on her. Her mom was told she would only live about 6 months when she adopted her and that was a few years ago. These days Chloe has good days and bad days, she’s lost her hearing and her mom said she sleeps a lot.

I wanted to take photos of her and wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course when I showed up I had a lot of yummy treats for her and she was happy for a little extra attention from a stranger with snacks.

Well, let me tell you, I wasn’t a stranger for long. Chloe would reach into my camera bag to help herself to treats and let me pet her and rub her ears. She’s such a sweet girl. Her mom kept telling me she never warms up to new people like this. I guess not all new people smell like turkey.

I wasn’t planning on taking photos of Chloe for the the project but when I saw her personality and the photos with her bright, smiling face I knew I had to.

Chloe is full of life, has a bright personality with an amazing spirit. She defines the word vivid.

Chloe is vivid
Photos of Chloe for the 52 Week Project





Up next is Suzi Pix Photography, Cincinnati pet photographer.




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Color | 52 Week Project | Week 17

Happy Friday,

The theme for the blog this week is color. I do love some bright colors in my photography. It’s funny because some of my very favorite photographers work in black and white or with subtle and faded color so I’m not sure why I love color so much when I take photos but I do. Maybe it has something to do with the happy feelings I have when I take photos. It could also be our location. We aren’t called Colorful Colorado for nothing.

Boo Radley’s butterfly headband was made by my husband. I came home with a spring banner I bought in the party section of Target for $5 and cut the strings off the butterflies and my husband hot glued them to a headband for me. I removed the wires in Photoshop to make them look like they were floating above his head.

I admit it, I love this photo of Boo Radley.

Denver pet photography spring color photos
Denver pet photography spring color photos


All three of these photos we taken with natural light and a reflector.


Up next is Waikato, New Zealand pet photographer. Click through all the links to see how other professional pet photographers interpreted the theme color.

Have a great week everyone.



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Under | 52 Week Project | Week 14

Happy Friday,

Under is the theme for the project this week. We could pick under exposed, or under something, I could have gone with under the studio lights but I think we’re going with under pressure.

Reggie is a shy dog, it takes a while for him to relax around new people. The first time I photographed him at Chautauqua Park in Boulder it took about 45 minutes before he would even get within a few feet of me. But, I took my time and it was so worth it, he romped around the park showing off for me and we got some awesome smiles from him.

This week Reggie came to my studio in Denver, I haven’t seen him since the session at the park last year so he had to get used to me again. This time it was just a few minutes but he had all new problems, the studio lights, the background paper, he was super nervous. I had Reggie’s mom sit next to him on the paper and I fed him a few snacks and tried to get him to relax. Then I started triggering the flash and gave him more snacks. With each new addition he’d get a little stressed and yawn or walk away and shake but they he would come back and we’d try again.

You can see by the first picture he’s a little stressed. Yawning can be a stress signal for dogs, Boo does it right in my face when we are in the car, he actually opens his mouth towards my face like a lion and yawns.

Anyhow, Reggie finally relaxed enough to look at the camera and give us a smile. It’s all about patience. You can’t hurry trust and besides, that awesome smile is worth the wait.

denver pet photographer studio photos of dog under pressure
Under pressure



Have a great week.



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