Rufio – leader of the lost dogs

Rufio was charming and sweet during our photo session in Wash Park. His head tilted at the sweet sound of the word “treat” and he tried his best to do all the things he used to before he lost his leg to cancer.  It’s not easy to learn how to sit and to run when one of your legs is suddenly gone but he made the best of it.

Rufio (named after the leader of the lost boys in the movie Hook) was once a stray dog until he was rescued. We know how this rescue goes, we pretend to rescue them and instead they rescue us. Rufio reminds us to not be a boring old grown up every single minute… take time and tilt your head, be amazed by simple things, enjoy your walks even when you have to struggle to get where you are going because life is too short.

Rest in peace sweet Rufio. We hope the treats are wonderful and plenty where ever you are. You were and will always be a good boy.


Author: StinkDogPhotos

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