Symmetry in dog photos

Symmetry | 52 Week Project | Week 10

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The theme for the 52 Week Project this week is symmetry.  Looking at my pet portraits I tend to go for an asymmetrical look most of the time, so this is a fun challenge.

The snow covering Boo Radley’s dog house was interesting to me this week with the snow sliding down the roof and creating this chilly little wrap, like a shawl, so I knew I wanted to use the dog house in my example.

Boo is an inside dog and he has very little interest in his dog house. The only time Boo goes in his dog house is when I’m shoveling the snow off the patio and when I bribe him. So I got out the cheese and set up the flashes inside the house and took a few photos.

I have to say I love the vertical lines from the fence and the horizontal lines from the dog house with the snow separating them. The flash inside gives it a nice kick and makes it a little more interesting, and of course, Boo looks as handsome as ever.


Symmetry in dog portraits

Symmetry in dog portraits

Symmetry in dog photos

Symmetry in dog photos

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