Get up Boo Radley!

Morning Has Broken | 52 Week Project | Week 18

Happy Friday!

The theme for the pet photographer’s 52 Week Project this week is Morning. I don’t have any problem getting up in the morning to take photos but that Boo Radley is very different from me.

Most days I’m up at 6:30 am. I wake up, go put food in Boo’s bowl and try to get him to go outside or go eat breakfast before I shower. Most mornings he can’t be bothered but, I still keep trying.

He typically wakes up around noon and stretches while he gets out of my bed with the most pleasant look on his face like he’s just had the most glorious rest of his lifetime. I try to let him outside again and he eats a few bites of food and if I don’t stand near his bowl he stops eating and goes to lay on the sofa. So, I stand there until he eats and then I let him outside. Finally.

Last weekend we all went to Estes Park and Boo pretty much kept his same routine  except this time I actually thought he was going to get up with me. You can see him look around and then…. nope, back down to finish his rest.

Morning is broken is more like it. 😉

Get up Boo Radley!

Get up Boo Radley!



Oh jeez, get up Boo!

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Have a great week.



If you want morning photos of your pet, I can still make it! Just contact us.

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