January | 52 Week Project | Week 2

Hi everyone,

The theme for the 52 Week Project this week is January. It’s winter in Colorado but we have members that live all around the world so this week we are showing what January looks like in our locations.

The great thing about being a pet photographer in Denver is that people and pets are used to being outside in the snow. We love our winter sports here, so even in January we can have our photography sessions outside if we want. We’re going to be out there anyway, why not enjoy it? Even the pups are prepared with coats and boots.

Boo Radley's photo session in Denver

Boo Radley's photo session in Denver

Boo Radley's photo session in Denver


 Sydney & MAC Creative Designs – Pet Photography in Fairfax, Virginia is up next.

Have a great week!



If you are interested in a winter photography session in snowy Colorado, contact us!


10 thoughts on “January | 52 Week Project | Week 2

  1. Karen Ramos

    Beautiful landscape and Boo’s coat pops in color against the white snow. Lovely photos.

  2. Marianne Cherry

    Love those Colorado skies! and what a great attitude about winter and snow. Us Southerners are true wimps!

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