Keeping Your Dog Cool During Summer Heat Waves

Today in Denver the temperature will climb to 102 degrees. It’s easy to stay inside and keep the air conditioning on high and hope temperatures lower quickly. Of course not only is that not practical it’s not necessarily fun either.

If you live near a body of water and your dog loves to swim you’ve got it made. But what about the rest of us?

Not everyone has the luxury of living near a body of water their dog is allowed to swim in.

Here are a few ideas to keep your dog cool.

1.) Walk your dog early in the morning and late at night. Aside from being uncomfortably hot, it’s not good for their paws and can actually burn their paw pads. Think of it this way if it’s too uncomfortable for you to walk barefoot across the street it’s too hot on your dogs paws.

2.) If your dog wants to sit outside in the back yard as mine often does please make sure your dog has shade to rest in and water in their dish outside. You can even place ice cubes in their water dish to keep it nice and cool. Make sure you check on them frequently or better yet stay outside with them and make them come inside to cool off.

3.) A kiddie pool filled with water might just the kind of thing your dog loves. Boo doesn’t mind getting in ankle deep to fetch a toy but he’s not much of a swimmer so I need to find reasons for him to want to get in the water. Throwing a few floating toys in the pool usually does the trick.

4.) Fresh fruit treats. Some fresh fruits are healthy for your dog. Take a few and put them in a stuff toy like a Kong or Tux and freeze them. Boo is a fan of watermelon so I slice it up and use a bone cookie cutter to give it a cute shape and toss them in the freezer to give him a cool treat. If your dog isn’t a fan of fruit you can use bone broths to make popsicles as well.

Fresh fruit your dog can eat

Fresh fruit you can give to your dog5.) Elevated pet beds can help keep your dog comfortable by allowing air to circulate underneath them.

6.) Find games to play inside instead of outside. We play hide and seek with Boo a lot. I’ll hide with a treat in my hand when he finds me he gets the treat. It’s fun if you have another person to play with and you can take turns hiding. If hide and seek isn’t your thing, puzzle toys can keep your dog active inside so they can play in cooler air.

Stay cool friends and feel free to comment below. How do you keep your dog cool in hot weather?


















Denver Pet Photography Session | RiNo | Franklin the Great Dane

People were lined up outside the Larimer Lounge waiting for their nights to begin and I was standing around outside waiting to meet a dog. Not just any dog, Franklin the Great Dane. As Franklin approached with his dad, I couldn’t get over how beautiful and graceful Franklin is. He’s steady in his walk and everyone turned to stare…. “he’s the size of a horse” people cried out. It’s something Franklin and his dad hear on every walk. People ran over to pet him and ask questions and we walked slowly towards the alley to begin our portrait session.

Franklin’s dad is an artist and he loved the idea of an urban photo session for his furry best friend. They take long walks everyday all over Denver and Franklin is used to people and other dogs so I suggested the alley behind Larimer St in Denver’s RiNo district.

RiNo is a really great location for a pet photography session if your dog is used to walking in busy downtown areas and you love color. It’s not for every dog, there are a lot of distractions. For Franklin it was nothing a few yummy treats couldn’t take care of.

We wondered the alley and found colorful spaces and hidden doorways to take photos in. Franklin had fun doing tricks for treats and getting pet by lots of people walking by. It was a great night for a dog photography session and Franklin was a great model. He’s a sweet soul and I’m happy I got to spend time with him.

Here are a few photos from his session below.


Franklin the Great Dane in RiNo
RiNo graffiti wall makes colorful backdrop for a pet portrait session.


Peek a pup, Franklin.
Great Dane playing peek a boo in alley.


Franklin and his dad.
Great Dane Franklin and his dad in Denver alley.


Alley Dog Franklin during his portrait session in RiNo
Franklin the great dane during his portrait session in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood.


If you’d like to more information to book a session for your dog, contact us to get the latest information on sessions.

Happy Year of the Dog!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. It’s always Year of the Dog at StinkDog Photos!

However since today is the beginning of the Chinese New Year and the 2018 zodiac is Year of the Dog we had to do something fun and special to celebrate the occasion.

Buddha the chow came into my studio for a dog photography session and we photographed him with this beautiful handmade collar in front of some red lanterns and we may have added a few gold coins and bars to the photo in post production.

Buddha looks divine and I’m thrilled with how his image came out.


It's always Year of the Dog at StinkDog Photos!
Year of the Dog


Not that we needed help celebrating anything dog related! Though I do feel like it’s a sign of great things to come this year. So happy Chinese New Year to you and your pup. We wish you all the best.

And if you’re interested in a custom pet photography session of your own. Contact us for more information.



No Bah Humbugs Here! It’s Giving Tuesday.

No Bah Humbugs here!
It’s Giving Tuesday. We made our donation to the CSU Animal Cancer Center. The work they are doing is incredible. I’m proud to volunteer my time helping them.
If you have an opportunity to donate and were looking for an organization that helps animals and people, I highly suggest the One Cure program.
Don’t forget you might be able to double the gift, check and see if your company matches donations.
Boo has a few ideas to help animals on Giving Tuesday.
Giving Tuesday donation ideas to help animals.

Interested in a few other organizations that help animals? Here are a few of our favorites.

The Best Friends Society is an amazing animal rescue in southern Utah.

Our friends at PawsCo do amazing work saving the lives of dogs and cats in Colorado.

The Denver Animal Shelter is an open admission shelter that helps over 7,000 animals every year.


What’s your favorite organization that helps animals?



Decorating Your Home With Christmas Portraits

Every year people rush to have portraits taken sometime in the fall or flock to find Christmas mini sessions so they can have a nice image to send out for a Christmas or New Year’s card. It’s a lovely idea sharing your best photos with friends and family. But then what? Most people don’t seem to do anything with them after that. The outfits they wore for the photography session last longer than the portraits if all you do is use them for a seasonal card. Print your portraits to make the most out of your Christmas mini sessions and make your memories last.

Aside from giving small gifts prints to relatives or creating ornaments with them why not decorate your home with them?

If you have guests coming for Christmas decorate your guest room to make things merry. A trio of prints above the bed with mini stockings or a wreath on the bed frame is a great way for them to enjoy a little Christmas spirit.

Christmas portraits in a guest room
Decorating a guest room with Christmas Portraits.

Deck the hallways with a Christmas portrait. I’ve seen people use wrapping paper to cover up their summer portraits for the season. Instead of covering them up, exchange it for the season. Select your favorite Christmas print and put it up in the hallway or entry way to greet friends when they come in the door. Who can resist a favorite portrait of your pooch by the tree?

Deck the hallways with professional portraits.
Deck the hallways with portraits from your photography session.

Decorate your own bedroom. Some people use small trees to decorate their bedrooms. I live in a house that’s over a hundred years old, there’s no room for a tree. But, the one thing I can do is hang a portrait of my favorite pup above my bed.

Decorate your bedroom with a fun portrait for the holidays.
Make your bedroom Merry and Bright.

Having a Christmas feast? Decorate your dinning room with portraits from those holiday mini sessions. They will make any feast more festive and you’ll have something that will last longer than that floral piece on the table.

A festive dinning room fit for a feast.
What to do with those portraits from Christmas mini sessions

Seasonal portraits are a great way to decorate your home for the holidays. You don’t have to water them, vacuum up the dead pine needles, or polish the sap off the table. It’s a simple easy way to make your home look beautiful and feel welcoming for the holidays. Canvas, metals, and framed prints are easy to take down and store the rest of the year too. Treat them gently and you’ll have timeless holiday decor that will last for generations.

If you’re still in need of a portrait session for you and your pet we have one more date left for our Christmas mini sessions email us for more information.