Four foolproof ways to get your dog to look at the camera and one thing not to do:

Four foolproof ways to get your dog to look at the camera

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to get a dog’s attention when you want to take their photo. So, I’ve got a quick post just for you, four foolproof ways to get your dog to look at the camera and one thing not to do.

Use treats. Admit it, every time you pull out a dog treat your furry best friend comes running. That’s why treats are one of the best ways to get a dog to look at the camera. Just take that treat and put it right above the lens, and take the photo. Now you have a great shot of your dog looking right at the camera.

Take out the toys. Is your dog obsessed with the ball or a frisbee? Do they love the sound of a brand new squeaky toy? Grab that toy and bring it right up over your phone to grab their attention. If the toy has a squeaker in it, try to squeak the toy and then take the photo when your dog responds.

Speak in keywords. As dog owners, we know what words our dogs respond to. Usually, it’s some form of, “do you wanna?” Do you want a treat? Do you want to go for a walk? Dogs usually get pretty excited over those familiar phrases. So go ahead, use the keywords that get their attention.

Make odd noises. Odd noises are great to get a dog’s attention. So, click your tongue, make kissy noises, or knock on the table. Your dog will be curious about those new sounds. However, make sure you use the noise technique sparingly. Your dog will quickly get accustomed to you making kissy noises or knocking on the table, and flat out ignore you if you do it too much. So, don’t abuse the technique.

What’s that one thing you shouldn’t do to get your dog to look at the camera? Don’t call their name.

It happens to all of us, your dog is doing something adorable, you grab your phone to take a photo, you call their name to get them to look up suddenly your dog jumps up and comes running to you. So frustrating! But, it makes perfect sense really, you trained your dog to come to you when you call their name, they are just doing what you taught them. So, if you want them to stay where they are when you take their photo, don’t call their name.

Do me a favor, if you try one of these techniques, send me your favorite photo and let me know which technique you used or tag StinkDog Photos when you post your photo to social media.

Happy photo-taking.


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