Fitness | 52 Week Project | Week 5

Boo plays fetch

Happy Friday.

So many people start the new year with new health and fitness goals we thought it would be fun to make fitness this week’s theme for the 52 Week Project.

Boo Radley and I are walkers and hikers. We take walks around Denver and go hiking in the foothills as often as possible. Boo gets really excited on his walks though so I usually take him in the back yard to chase the ball for a while before we go. If he’s tired it’s much easier to handle him on our walk.

The funny thing is Boo Radley doesn’t really fetch without some sort of motivation so I throw the ball, he goes to get it, and I have to give him a snack when he returns it. If I don’t give him a snack he won’t give it back to me. We do this 10 or 15 times before we go on our walk and that helps take the edge off so that I can walk with him instead of him dragging me around town.

We’ve also taken Boo lure chasing a few times and he loves it. They only let him chase it for about 5 minutes but it’s a power run and he’s beat afterwards.

We also do a lot of training and that helps wear him out too but to be honest no matter what we do he always ends up with the zoomies around 7:00 at night. He runs around the house from room to room and he lands on every rug and spins around. I think it’s pretty funny but I’m the only one who appreciates it.

Here are photos of Boo Radley playing fetch before a walk.

Photos of Boo Radley playing fetch before a walk
Boo Radley plays fetch before a walk

Boo plays fetch

Boo plays fetch



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8 thoughts on “Fitness | 52 Week Project | Week 5”

  1. Love it! Boo has such an expressive face.
    We have to give our two a run around at home as well before we take them out – just to let the crazy out 🙂

  2. Yup – Syd is the same way about bringing the ball back after catching it – she would much rather play “keep away” with me. Unless, of course, I have ANOTHER ball in my hand to lure her back…. tricky mom… love these up close shots of Boo with those gorgeous milk chocolate brown eyes!

  3. Great shots and I love how much exercise he gets, but you know the spooky thing? Here I sit on the other side of the world from you and it has just gone 7.15pm and Skarla has just finished her nightly zoomies around the backyard!

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