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Tenley looks smashing in her pearls

Photography Session for the Fanciest Pugs at Red Rocks Amphitheater

It’s not every day you see a trio of pugs dressed up in their finest hiking the trails at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Morrison. But if you did see them they were with me getting their portraits taken.

Tenley, Guiness, and Reagan are all rescues pugs and they are wonderful, squishy and amazing. Their mom Darcy says there is more to them than their good looks and fancy dress. They love to go hiking, swimming and after such intense physical activities they love to go Starbucks with their mom to get pupachinos. What a fun life they have.

They are completely devoted to their mom it’s no wonder she wants to decorate her wall with artwork showing their awesome faces and personalities. We decided to go to Red Rocks for their pet photography session and we had a great time wondering around early in the morning. It got hot pretty early that day and Reagan’s pearls came apart on the trail. She was a bit excited to see other dogs and may have pulled on her leash a bit. We recovered pretty quickly though because I brought some fancy treats to distract them with.

Here are some of Darcy’s favorites from their portrait session!

Reagan's perfect head tilt

Reagan perfecting her head tilt.

Guinness looks dapper in his bow tie.

Guinness looking dapper in his bow tie.

Tenley looks smashing in her pearls

Tenley looks smashing in pearls.

Looking fabulous at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO.

Looking fabulous at Red Rocks.

Dressed in their finest.

Dressed in their best for a pet photography session at Red Rocks.


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Auggie the Doggie’s Photo Session at Crown Hill Park

It had been beautiful weather all day and as soon as I met up with Jarka and her dog Auggie the wind began to blow and a few minutes later it started to rain. Some people would say that it’s time to go home but we hung in there and waited because we could see the tiniest bit of sunshine popping through the clouds.

I’m so glad we did for two reasons. The first is that Jarka from Paw Print Memories Photography and I met at a couple of conferences and we’ve been talking about getting together to shoot for a while and this was the first time we could do it. I was excited and didn’t want to postpone. It’s great to be able to meet up with another Denver Pet Photographer. 

The second reason is the gorgeous light shinning through the grass and highlighting the tree in the background. It was so beautiful and only lasted a minute or two but it was worth it. Oh and really there is a third reason, Auggie the Labradoodle. Look how adorable he is. He was an awesome model and even though he looks so serious in these photos he was quite happy to play and prance around. I guess he enjoyed the sunset too.


Labradoodle at sunset

Auggie the doggie posing during our sunset photo session in Crown Hill Park.

Auggie the doggie dramatic sunset

Auggie the labradoodle

labradoodle dog

Labradoodle Auggie the dog.







The 8 Luckiest Dogs in Colorado | Colorado Lottery

Last week I told you all about photographing dogs for the Colorado Lottery. This week the tickets are out and I wanted to show you which dogs will have their faces on the Lucky Dog scratch ticket.

Take a look and see the 8 luckiest dogs in Colorado.




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