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A festive dinning room fit for a feast.

Decorating Your Home With Christmas Portraits

Every year people rush to have portraits taken sometime in the fall or flock to find Christmas mini sessions so they can have a nice image to send out for a Christmas or New Year’s card. It’s a lovely idea sharing your best photos with friends and family. But then what? Most people don’t seem to do anything with them after that. The outfits they wore for the photography session last longer than the portraits if all you do is use them for a seasonal card. Print your portraits to make the most out of your Christmas mini sessions and make your memories last.

Aside from giving small gifts prints to relatives or creating ornaments with them why not decorate your home with them?

If you have guests coming for Christmas decorate your guest room to make things merry. A trio of prints above the bed with mini stockings or a wreath on the bed frame is a great way for them to enjoy a little Christmas spirit.

Christmas portraits in a guest room

Decorating a guest room with Christmas Portraits.

Deck the hallways with a Christmas portrait. I’ve seen people use wrapping paper to cover up their summer portraits for the season. Instead of covering them up, exchange it for the season. Select your favorite Christmas print and put it up in the hallway or entry way to greet friends when they come in the door. Who can resist a favorite portrait of your pooch by the tree?

Deck the hallways with professional portraits.

Deck the hallways with portraits from your photography session.

Decorate your own bedroom. Some people use small trees to decorate their bedrooms. I live in a house that’s over a hundred years old, there’s no room for a tree. But, the one thing I can do is hang a portrait of my favorite pup above my bed.

Decorate your bedroom with a fun portrait for the holidays.

Make your bedroom Merry and Bright.

Having a Christmas feast? Decorate your dinning room with portraits from those holiday mini sessions. They will make any feast more festive and you’ll have something that will last longer than that floral piece on the table.

A festive dinning room fit for a feast.

What to do with those portraits from Christmas mini sessions

Seasonal portraits are a great way to decorate your home for the holidays. You don’t have to water them, vacuum up the dead pine needles, or polish the sap off the table. It’s a simple easy way to make your home look beautiful and feel welcoming for the holidays. Canvas, metals, and framed prints are easy to take down and store the rest of the year too. Treat them gently and you’ll have timeless holiday decor that will last for generations.

If you’re still in need of a portrait session for you and your pet we have one more date left for our Christmas mini sessions email us for more information.



We Have a Gorgeous New Print Product!

One of the questions I get asked is do you sell digital products? Yes, absolutely. But, the question you should be asking is what print products do you sell? As a professional pet photographer I use professional print labs to print all of our products and I have access to beautiful, museum quality products that a consumer might not have access to if they print on their own.

We carry traditional prints, canvases, metals, and albums and now we are also carrying gorgeous framed prints that will last a lifetime.

This is a water colored print with torn edges that is double matted and framed. It comes in black, an antique color, and beautiful raison color so you can choose the color that matches your decor, (or your pet). You can choose one photo or a trio of photos to frame. It’s ready to hang to make it easy for you to enjoy your photos and spend more time with your dog.

It’s so fabulous I purchased one with my sweet Boo Radley to hang in my office.

Remember prints or it doesn’t count.


Picture your pet here!

Fine art framed prints of your pet.


Want gorgeous photos of your dog framed to pawfection? Contact us to book a session.