Catchlights | 52 Week Project | Week 46

Happy Friday!

The theme for the 52 Week Project is Catchlights. For those of you who aren’t photographers or are new to photography they are the little highlights in a person or a pets eyes.  They make a world of difference in a photo.

As you can see in this photo there is the tiniest, little pin of a highlight at the top of Boo’s eyes. Not a great example of catchlights at all. He was looking down and they just weren’t visible. It’s not a bad image but it’s not great either.

StinkDog Photos - Catchlights

This is much better. Thanks for looking up Boo.

Catchlights in pet portraits


You can really see them here. The catch lights are rectangular shaped because I used a rectangular shaped light source.

Catchlights in pet portraits


Here they are both in the same space, equal number, and same shape. Amazing how that little tiny part of a photo makes a huge difference isn’t it?

Catchlights in pet portraits


Up next is Sydney & MAC Creative Designs – Fairfax, Virginia. Click through all the links to see what everyone else did with the theme.

Have a great week.




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  2. I love how preference differs in people’s opinion of catchlights – some prefer round, some like rectangular, some like more than one, some like them even and in the same place. Like many other things in photography, it’s a matter of taste and preference. I do love that sheer white scarf with the silver doo-dads. What fun! Never knew Boo was such a couture-hound!

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