Winter is Here | Behind the Scenes of Our Game of Thrones Photo

We’re pretty excited about the new season of Game of Thrones. Last year we created a photo of Boo Radley as Jon Snow. We had more than a few people ask how we did it so I thought I’d show some behind the scenes.

My husband made Boo’s costume and fit like a harness. The collar buckled and there was a buckle under his chest. He made it that way so that we wouldn’t have to put anything on over Boo’s head.

Here’s a photo of Jamie putting the costume on. Boo knows he’s getting some pretty yummy snacks for his hard work so he’s pretty tolerant with the costume.

Boo getting his costume put on.
Boo getting his Jon Snow costume on.

Typically for the kind of a portrait I’d use studio light. But this day we just set it up in the backyard and used natural light.

Most of the photos Boo had his mouth open and was looking straight at the camera. I had my husband move off to the side with Boo’s treats to get him to look in another direction. This is the photo I selected. There’s still some work to be done.

A look at the photo before photoshop.
Boo snow before final edits.

Retouching the photo was next. I normally don’t do this much retouching on pet portraits but the wall scenes from Game of Thrones has such a specific look to it I needed to make a few changes to make it look a little more like I wanted it to.

First I desaturated the photo and darkened it a tiny bit, then I created snow in photoshop. Now Boo is looking a bit more like Jon Snow. So that’s how we created our little tribute to Game of Thrones.

I’m thinking this year I may need to make an Iron Throne for Boo Radley.

Alright GOT fans, tell me… who do you think is going to sit on the Iron Throne?


Boo Radley the dog dressed as Jon Snow.
Winter is Here. Boo Radley as Jon Snow.




A Tribute to Deuce: A Family Dog in Denver

Recently I photographed this dog at his home in Denver. This handsome fluff named Deuce, belonged to a girl and they were fantastic friends, the best of buds, they did everything together. Then the girl met a guy they fell in love and had a family. Deuce being the wonderful dog he was welcomed and loved all the new family members. Even the small tiny twin girls that came into his life. More people to play with and more people to love means a great life. Deuce was a lucky boy to have such a wonderful family, they loved and took care of him right up to the day he died. Deuce will always be remembered for his goofy antics, he youthful spirit, and for the most spectacular love for his family. You were a great dog and a wonderful friend sweet boy.


Deuce hiding in flowers
Deuce looking adorable hiding in the flowers.
Deuce the best family dog.
Deuce was the most amazing family dog. He’ll be remembered for all the love he gave.
Deuce the dog happy in his yard.
Deuce looking happy in his yard.

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Fireworks and Fear: Helping Your Dog Cope

Fireworks aren’t fun for the dogs in our life but could they be? Probably not, but maybe they could be a little less awful.

If you’ve read any of our posts about our dog Boo Radley you would know that Boo is afraid of a lot. The vacuum, the laundry basket, the heat vents. You name it he’s worried about it.

When we first brought him home he was terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks as well and he would literally try to dig his way into the drywall. It was very upsetting for all of us. I couldn’t find a way to calm him. I’d shut all the windows to try to reduce the sound, turn music on for background noise. We bought a ThunderCoat for him and he chewed threw it in about 10 minutes. We thought the only thing that was going to work was medicating him.

One night there was a storm coming and Boo was getting nervous so we started playing a game with him. It was a game a dog trainer taught us when we first got him. She called it puppy popcorn but really it’s more of a hide and seek game.

My husband and I each have treats and my husband sits with Boo while I hide somewhere in the house. Once I hide I call the dogs name and he comes to find me. Once he finds me I give him a treat. While Boo is trying to find me my husband hides. We play until he’s tired and usually he’s so busy he forgets about the storm or fireworks. That game has worked miracles for Boo and for us. It’s fun too. We have a good laugh when he runs past us or finds us faster than we thought.

The amazing thing about playing that game is that now even if we can’t play the game when fireworks go off near us he’s not trying to dig himself into the drywall. He still doesn’t love them but he’s no longer a danger to himself either.

Relieve the stress from fireworks by playing games.
Playing games with your dog could relieve the stress from the noise of fireworks.

It can be a long week if you live in a neighborhood where people are lighting off fireworks every night for the first week in July. I hope this game helps you and your dog relax and have fun.

Remember hide, call your dog, reward them when they find you, repeat.










Dog Product Review: AutoDogMug

I work with dogs every single day as a professional dog photographer and that means purchasing a lot of products made for dogs or products for making living with dogs easier. People often ask me what my favorite products are and it made me think maybe I should do a little review of products made for dogs.

*Just a quick note, the companies have not sponsored me, paid me, or given me free products. They are products I bought and paid for and am reviewing without their prior knowledge. *

Since it’s summer I thought my first one should be water bottles. It’s important to keep dogs hydrated when you’re out for a walk or when they are having their very own pet photography session! Here in Colorado so many dogs are out with their owners, hiking, backpacking, camping and swimming important to have plenty of water on hand for them.

I’ve purchased a lot of different products made for this… travel water bowls, bottles that have a detachable spout. So far my favorite product is the AutoDogMug by HighWave! It’s a BPA free bottle with a small bowl attached to the top of the bottle. When you squeeze the bottle the water fills the bowl and your dog can drink. The thing that makes this product great is that when your dog is done drinking you stop squeezing and any left over water goes back into the container. It’s great because you don’t have to empty or toss out any water. So far in my experience I haven’t had any problems with it leaking. I love this product. It’s suggested retail is 14.99 and it’s worth every penny!

The AutoDogMug great for keeping your dog hydrated on the go.
The AutoDogMug. A great purchase for your pet.

HighWave also sells the AutoDogMug Pure which has a filter in it so that you can collect water from lakes, ponds and streams and the filter removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses so that the water is safe for your dog. Brilliant!!

Looks like I’ll need to come up with a rating system too…. tail wags, play bows, doggie high fives… I’m not sure yet but the AutoDogMug is a five out of five. We love it! It’s a product you will want to have with you when you take your dog on any adventure.