Trucks 4 Pups | Adoption Event

Stinkin’ cute dogs, yummy food, and awesome musicians make for a really fun event; and when those stinkin’ cute dogs end up finding furever homes it’s even better.

The event I’m talking about is Trucks 4 Pups, a yearly adoption event in Colorado put on by Resort 2 Kindness. They invite rescues to the event, different pet related vendors, entertainment, as well as yummy food trucks. The goal is to find great homes for pets that need them and all the money raised goes to the benefit the rescues.

This year 35 dogs found homes and over $5,000 was raised as well as in kind donations of food, leashes, collars, dog toys and treats to help the shelters.

I was there to take event photos and had a booth for StinkDog Photos as well. I donated a gift certificate to the auction for a pet photography session and I also had a drawing for a free session at my booth. I am really excite dot meet the winners and once they have had their sessions I’ll post the photos on the blog.  In the mean time here are a few photos from the event.

Photos from Trucks 4 Pups
Photos from Trucks 4 Pups

Thank you to Resort 2 Kindness, a non-profit organization that promotes generosity, thoughtfulness, and unconditional love for hosting this amazing event. Please check them out they do really wonderful things for the community.




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Night Time | 52 Week Project | Week 34

The theme for the 52 Week Project is Night Time.

And of course I’m waiting until last minute to do a photo for the project.  Maybe instead of setting up a shot in the dark for Boo I should have just shown a picture of myself at the computer. Doh!

Boo At Night
Night Time



Up next is I Got the Shot Photography.

Have a great week.






Denver’s City Park | Photo Session With Chance

Some photo sessions are just fun. When you have a dog with such a great personality and owners that appreciate the quirkiness it makes for a fun time.

Chance is pretty awesome, he reminds me a lot of my dog Boo Radley. Not so much in looks but in personality. They both have some quirks that make life interesting.

We had our session at City Park in Denver and wondered over towards the lake and the boathouse to take photos and Chance was a perfect model. He was also pretty interested in the camera at first. Most dogs are. I assume he really wanted to take his own photo and I think this first photo is what it would look like if dogs could take selfies.

Chance making the most of his photo session at City Park in Denver
Chance the dog making the most of his pet photography session in Denver’s City Park



When you pose like a gargoyle the photo must be converted to black and white.






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Vivid | 52 Week Project | Week 32

Happy Friday!

Agh, nice to be back with the 52 Week Project. This week’s theme is vivid.

The definition of vivid: 1. strikingly bright or intense, as color, light, etc. (a vivid green), 2. full of life; lively; animated (a vivid personality), 3. presenting the appearance, freshness, spirit, etc., of life.

I normally don’t include the definitions for the theme in my 52 Week Project but this one so clearly fit Chloe on so many levels that I thought it would be nice.

Chloe the boxer has a few years on her. Her mom was told she would only live about 6 months when she adopted her and that was a few years ago. These days Chloe has good days and bad days, she’s lost her hearing and her mom said she sleeps a lot.

I wanted to take photos of her and wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course when I showed up I had a lot of yummy treats for her and she was happy for a little extra attention from a stranger with snacks.

Well, let me tell you, I wasn’t a stranger for long. Chloe would reach into my camera bag to help herself to treats and let me pet her and rub her ears. She’s such a sweet girl. Her mom kept telling me she never warms up to new people like this. I guess not all new people smell like turkey.

I wasn’t planning on taking photos of Chloe for the the project but when I saw her personality and the photos with her bright, smiling face I knew I had to.

Chloe is full of life, has a bright personality with an amazing spirit. She defines the word vivid.

Chloe is vivid
Photos of Chloe for the 52 Week Project





Up next is Suzi Pix Photography, Cincinnati pet photographer.




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Castle Cliff Farms Pet Photography Session

For the last couple of years I’ve been photographing two lovely ladies. Heidi and Greta, two Greater Swiss Mountain dogs.

Their mom saw my photos at Simpawtico pet store in the Denver Highlands and hired me to take photos for Christmas cards and calendars to give to their friends and family.

Heidi and Greta are fun and silly and their parents wanted photos that show off their personality. Life’s too short to sit for an entire photo session when you’re a dog (or human) so we plan fun Colorado outdoors sessions.

This year Heidi and Greta have a new sister named Champagne. Champagne is a Potcake puppy that was found in a champagne box. She’s so cute, oh those ears and her sweet face and she really looks up to her big sisters, she tries very hard to do everything that they do and it’s really cute.

Their parents wanted to have a photo session at Castle Cliff Farms so that the girls could run off leash and have a great time. Of course we all had a great time running through the tall grass, playing fetch with the ball, and watching the horses. The weather that day was perfect and gave us those beautiful cornflower blue Colorado skies we love so much.

Here is a video with stills from their pet photography session with StinkDog Photos. I hope you enjoy it.

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