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dog photography in Denver garden

Gardens | 52 Week Project | Week 24

Dog photography in Denver is nothing short of spectacular. We have so many beautiful parks and open spaces there is no shortage of beautiful landscape here.

Because we have such a beautiful natural landscape I don’t often photograph pets in their own homes. Most people want their photo sessions¬†in the mountains or downtown. This week the theme is gardens for the 52 Week Project and I thought I had just the candidate for a photoshoot in a garden. Her dad wanted a session at their home in Denver and it was full of flowers but the session is a birthday present for his wife and I can’t show those photos until after her birthday!

Here is Boo Radley in our downtown Denver garden. I use the term garden loosely, it’s looking a little more like an abandoned cottage garden right now, I need to pull weeds and trim everything. Shooting with the lens baby¬†seems like a great idea. A little blur to cover up the mess.

Here are photos of Boo Radley in our garden. The first photo is Boo sitting on our front porch. Notice he can’t be bothered to look at me, he needs to look down the street to see if there are any dogs outside.

Photos of Boo Radley the dog in our Denver Garden.

Photos of Boo Radley the dog in our Denver Garden.





Barking Lab Studio, Princeton NJ dog photography is going to show us her garden next. Click all the links until you get back to StinkDog Photos and you’ll be able to see gardens of professional pet photographers all over the world.

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