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Boo plays fetch

Fitness | 52 Week Project | Week 5

Happy Friday.

So many people start the new year with new health and fitness goals we thought it would be fun to make fitness this week’s theme for the 52 Week Project.

Boo Radley and I are walkers and hikers. We take walks around Denver and go hiking in the foothills as often as possible. Boo gets really excited on his walks though so I usually take him in the back yard to chase the ball for a while before we go. If he’s tired it’s much easier to handle him on our walk.

The funny thing is Boo Radley doesn’t really fetch without some sort of motivation so I throw the ball, he goes to get it, and I have to give him a snack when he returns it. If I don’t give him a snack he won’t give it back to me. We do this 10 or 15 times before we go on our walk and that helps take the edge off so that I can walk with him instead of him dragging me around town.

We’ve also taken Boo lure chasing a few times and he loves it. They only let him chase it for about 5 minutes but it’s a power run and he’s beat afterwards.

We also do a lot of training and that helps wear him out too but to be honest no matter what we do he always ends up with the zoomies around 7:00 at night. He runs around the house from room to room and he lands on every rug and spins around. I think it’s pretty funny but I’m the only one who appreciates it.

Here are photos of Boo Radley playing fetch before a walk.

Photos of Boo Radley playing fetch before a walk

Boo Radley plays fetch before a walk

Boo plays fetch

Boo plays fetch

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Framing Your Subject | 52 Week Project | Week 4

Framing Your Subject

This week in the 52 Week Project the theme is framing your subject.

Photographers use a lot of different items to frame their subjects. Trees, architecture, fabric. I’m going to use paper. I use paper backgrounds a lot in my studio work and sometimes I really use a lot of paper.

What did your dog just do?

Boo Radley usually has a great time in the studio and he’s really well behaved because he knows he’s getting snacks. He is used to being in a studio since his mom is a pet photographer but most dogs are not used to it and every once in a while there are a few scared dogs or cats that are a disaster in the studio. I’ve had them pee on, barf on, rip, and completely shred the back ground paper.

It’s not their fault!

They are just nervous. Dogs and cats aren’t used to being around ultra large rolled up sheets of thick paper that makes noise when it moves. That can be scary. Fortunately lots of treats, toys, and encouragement get them over their fear pretty fast so that we can get a great shot after we roll out a little more paper, of course.

Here are photos of Boo Radley with a paper frame.

Denver pet photographer rolls out lots of paper instead of carpet for photo shoots

Boo Radley is busing through the photography background paper during his Denver pet photography session

Boo Radley's photo bustin through paper

Boo Radley's photo bustin through paper

Up next is Barking Lab Studio, Princeton NJ dog photography.

Have a great week!



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January | 52 Week Project | Week 2

Hi everyone,

The theme for the 52 Week Project this week is January. It’s winter in Colorado but we have members that live all around the world so this week we are showing what January looks like in our locations.

The great thing about being a pet photographer in Denver is that people and pets are used to being outside in the snow. We love our winter sports here, so even in January we can have our photography sessions outside if we want. We’re going to be out there anyway, why not enjoy it? Even the pups are prepared with coats and boots.

Boo Radley's photo session in Denver

Boo Radley's photo session in Denver

Boo Radley's photo session in Denver


 Sydney & MAC Creative Designs – Pet Photography in Fairfax, Virginia is up next.

Have a great week!



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Introductions | 52 Week Project | Week 1


This is Week 1 for the 2015 professional pet photographer’s 52 Week Project and the theme is introductions.

This is my dog Boo Radley. He is a mixed breed dog that we adopted from the Maxfund in Denver, Colorado two years ago. I actually met him because I was taking photos of adoptable dogs for their website. The person that was holding his leash actually said to me, “you might want to back up, I’m not so sure about him.” He was making the same face as he is below. Turns out that’s his very serious focus face, he’s very focused on the snack I have for him.

He was in the shelter for a couple of months before I brought him home and I picked him because I knew he’d be hard to adopt out. A large, all black dog with terrible manners isn’t first on most peoples list for a pet. As it turns out, we hit the jackpot, what we got is a big, goofy, love bug (with terrible manners).

Boo is very smart and loves to learn new tricks and he loves to pose for me as long as I have a tasty snack for payment. He loves it so much that sometimes I have to give him snacks in another room so that I can break down the set without him in the way.

He’s really sweet and he loves people. Sometimes he can be a little too enthusiastic when he meets them but he just wants to get in their lap and lick their face, what’s wrong with that really? 😉


Boo Radley


We are looking forward to a new set of challenges for the 52 Week Project this year and are excited to see our old friends and meet new ones in the blog circle. I hope you are excited too.

Cahlean from About A Dog Photography, St. Cloud Minnesota is up next. I had the pleasure of meeting her when she came to Colorado for a fall trip a couple of years ago, she’s sweet and talented and I can’t wait to see what she’s come up with this week.

Have a great week!



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