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Cliche | 52 Week Project | Week 51

Hi Everyone,

This week the theme for the 52 Week Project is cliché. Take any photography cliché and try to make it interesting.  Railroad tracks, heart shaped hands, and the one I picked, selective color.

You know the black and white photos with one color painted in so that the one color in the photo really stands out. A lot of those photos are painted eyes or scarves. I love Boo Radley’s eyes and having them stand out is really nice but instead of taking out the color of everything else in photoshop or over saturating his eyes I thought it would be better to try to use a backdrop and some texture in a color that matched Boo’s fur so that his eye would naturally stand out. No fake paint here. I think it gives the photo more depth and interest.


Selective color photo of Boo Radley


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Have a great week!



Props | 52 Week Project | Week 50

Hi everyone!

The theme this week is props. When I first started taking photos of dogs I think I used a prop in every photo. Now I use them for Boo every once in a while but I rarely use them for other dogs. I started to really enjoying playing with the dogs and getting action shots with them so the props just weren’t a good fit anymore.

I still like to use them with Boo, he is just the kind of dog that doesn’t mind. As long as he’s getting a snack he will let me put him in just about any set and take a photo. I do mean “a” photo because as soon as the flash triggers or the camera clicks he expects his treat. If you attempt a second photo without paying him he will either jump towards you for the snack or leave the set. So the formula is shoot, snack, shoot, snack, shoot, snack. Yep, he’s a diva. But he is a cute diva.

Boo Radley's kiss

Boo Radley’s kiss

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Have a great week!