Halloween | 52 Week Project | Week 44

Happy Halloween everyone!

You know it has to be the theme for the 52 Week Project this week. I couldn’t decide what to do with Boo, he’s already been dressed in several costumes for Halloween photos this year but then I thought it would be really fun to make him an emoticon.

Dog dressed as emoticon
Boo Radley is dressed as an emoticon for Halloween.
StinkDog Photos - Boo Emoticon
Boo Radley as an Emoticon


Boo Radley the emoticon
Boo Radley is dressed as an emoticon for Halloween



Don’t forget to visit all of the other pet photographers this week, I’m sure it will be a fun one. Up next is Silver & Pixel Photography, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Have a Happy Halloween!



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Tricks | 52 Week Project | Week 43

Hi everyone!

Oh, it’s getting close to Halloween. We are really excited and the theme this week for the 52 Week Project is Tricks. Which is perfect because Boo plans on going trick or treating and I let him know he’s got to hold his own treat bag.  So we’ve been working on the trick, “hold it.”

Boo Radley doing tricks
Dog tricks with Boo Radley

Of course it’s a 10 second trick right now. He spits things out pretty fast.

Boo Radley doing tricks
Dog tricks

“Give me five” You can see he’s already looking forward to his reward. Honestly, the best trick I could think of would be if he let me cut his nails.

Boo Radley doing tricks
gimme five dog trick

But Boo says, “no.”

Boo Radley doing tricks
give me five

This one is, “touch.” Boo Radley uses his nose to touch my hand, we are working on transferring the touch skill so that he can learn to turn the lights on and off. I’ll let you know if that ever works! In the mean time it’s great to get him to concentrate on me when we are working on his training.

Boo Radley doing tricks

The last one is, “stay.” He does, unless he doesn’t want to. It’s another short term trick, he can stay about 30 seconds if he’s really excited. If he doesn’t really care too much about the reward he stays a little bit longer.

Boo Radley doing tricks

Good job, Boo!

Boo Radley doing tricks
come get it

Have a great week.



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Friends | 52 Week Project | Week 42

Hi Everyone,

The theme for the blog this week is friends.

Boo’s bestie is my husband, Jamie. Boo Radley loves Jamie and Jamie likes Boo when Boo is sitting still. Ha!

You see, Boo has bad habits when it comes to Jamie, as soon as we sit down after dinner Boo starts to bark in Jamie’s face and he takes things from Jamie, like his shoes, and runs around the house pretending he’s going to chew them. He thinks Jamie will chase him and play. Of course we stopped chasing him for things last year but Boo still keeps trying. After a while Boo comes and lays down next to Jamie and then Jamie pets him and Boo falls asleep. These pictures are Boo sleeping next to Jamie. Jamie didn’t really want to be in the photo so it’s a foot and a hand, imagine someone there. 😉

you can relax with friends
StinkDog Photos - Friends
mans best friend

Boo has other friends too but he didn’t see any of his doggy friends this week so I’m also posting pictures of Boo and his “make believe” friends or the friends he chews the stuffing out of. Sometimes I put them in Boo’s collar and he struts around the house with them. Eventually he gets tired of it and he pulls them out.

StinkDog Photos - Friends-3
my dog’s make believe friends, his toys

Happy weekend.



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Double Exposure | 52 Week Project | Week 41

Happy Friday!

The theme this week is double exposure. Double exposure was something I did on accident when I forgot to wind the roll on my film camera. It wasn’t until much later when I realized people did that on purpose and it wasn’t until a few years ago when I tried to do it myself. Currently, only some digital cameras will allow you to double expose an image. My camera doesn’t do it but my husbands does so I would shoot a base image of Boo with my camera, transfer the card to my husbands camera and try to find an image I thought went well with the original image of Boo and release the shutter.

I tried a lot of different combinations and I figured out quickly the images I liked were the images where you could tell it was Boo and still see the pattern or image of the other photo.

This is Boo with an old barn door that has the paint peeling off of it.

Double exposure - StinkDog Photos
double exposure pet photos


This is Boo with a palm plant

Double exposure - StinkDog Photos
double exposure pet portrait


I must admit there is something satisfying about doing this in camera instead of just Photoshopping two images together. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done that before too. But, this feels more like an experiment, and a little bit more exciting.

Up next is Blue from Blue Amrich Pet Photography in Boston, MA. I’m excited for the images this week, I can’t wait to see what everyone has done.

Have a great week!



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Fall | 52 Week Project | Week 40

Hi Everyone!

The theme this week is fall, my favorite season. I love the fall colors, the crisp mornings, and warm afternoons. Funny thing is I still associate fall with back to school, which these days seems silly since all the kids start school in early August now, but it wasn’t that long ago we started in September. Ok, it was a while ago… shhhh.

Here’s a photo of Boo Radley, back at school, with a bit of fall color.

dog goes back to school in the fall
Boo Radley Goes back to school in the fall


Up next is Cahlean from About A Dog Photography, St. Cloud Minnesota. I’m sure the fall colors are really gorgeous in Minnesota right now.

Have a great week everyone.