Head Tilt | 52 Week Project | Week 39

Hi everyone!

Head tilt is the theme for the 52 Week Project this week. One of my very favorite things!

Boo is very much a head tilting kind of dog. When we first got him he did it all the time. Now that he’s getting used to certain noises he doesn’t do it as much, but it still happens on a daily basis. He does it when my husband comes home from work. He runs to the door and stares at it and tilts his head with each noise until Jamie finally walks in the door then Boo Radley wags his entire back end and follows Jamie all around the house. Someday soon I’ll record a video of that, it makes my heart melt when I see it.

The head tilt from the photograph below is the result of me asking Boo, “where’s Daddy? Is Daddy home yet? Where did he go?” in a very soft voice.

dog doing head tilt
the cutest dog in the world doing a head tilt


The next photo is from the archive. I happened to be organizing some digital files and saw it when I was putting together this blog so I had to include it. It’s a puppy that was up for adoption a couple of years ago. I was taking his photo for the shelter and the only way to get him to sit still was to give him a bone. He looks like he’s doing a head tilt but really he was just chewing away at the bone. You can kind of see it under his nose. He’s so cute.

puppy tilting his head
The cutest puppy in the world tilting his head


Have a really wonderful week.






52 Week Project: Week 38 – The Eyes

Hi everyone

The theme for the 52 Week Project this week is eyes. Oh, how I love me some Boo eyes. They are amber and dark green. They are so pretty and even when he’s doing nothing, he’s got a great expression, just by using his eyes. Of course, that last expression might be, “get that camera outta my face lady.”

StinkDog Photos - eyes StinkDog Photos - eyes-2 StinkDog Photos - eyes-3


Have a great weekend!




52 Week Project: Week 37 – Night

Happy Friday!

The theme for the 52 Week Project is Night. I have to say I love night time photography but I rarely take pet portraits at night. Especially now that I have a black dog. It’s so hard to focus on a black dog at night.

If I had someone to help me I would have tried for some city lights in the back ground but Boo and I were on our own so here’s Boo in front of a couple of candles in the back yard.

StinkDog Photos - Night

And here is Boo on the brick patio. I used an off camera flash for this one. I really love the dramatic light.

StinkDog Photos - Night-2

Up next is Photos By Erin S., Charlottesville, VA.  Click through all the links until you get back to StinkDog Photos.




Selfies! | 52 Week Project | Week 36

Happy Friday.

Get your camera out, the theme is selfies!

We were on the east coast during the holiday weekend for a wedding and there were loads of people taking selfies at the wedding. I was a bit more surprised when we went to my sister in-law’s farm in WV to see some of the animals taking selfies. 😉 Check out their photos.

Just got my hair did!

Rooster selfie


Me and the Mrs. livin’ the dream.

photo of rooster and hen
Rooster and hen selfie


Me and my hens. Jealous?

Rooster and hen


Look at this dude behind me, he thinks he can hang in the hen house. I don’t think so.

StinkDog Photos - Selfie
Rooster running


Boy that rooster sure is a … oh look, Turby took a selfie too. Duckface!

horse with duck face selfie
Turby the horse


Up next is Washington, DC pet photographer, Shelley Castle Photography. Be sure to click through all the links and see who else took a selfie.

Have a great week!