Body Parts | 52 Week Project | Week 25

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s theme is Body Parts. Ears, eyes, and tails, oh my.

This week I met Lady at the Maxfund. She is so special and sweet and I want her to find a wonderful family to call her own.

She reminded me of Cleo so much that I was a bit teary eyed spending time with her. The spots, the swirl on her chest, and her sweet temperament all reminded me of Cleo.

If you know someone who has room in their heart and home for such a lovely girl please have them call the Maxfund!!

Her spotted paw.

The swirl on her chest.

The top of her head when she’s found something interesting to smell.

I had to include a few photos of my sweet Boo Radley too. He likes to smell the honeysuckle in the backyard and always ends up with pollen on his face and ears.

His pretty golden eyes, so gentle.

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Have a great week everyone!



© 2012 StinkDog Photos by Deanna Hurt All rights reserved.

Negative Space | 52 Week Project | Week 24

Happy Friday, everyone! The theme this week for the 52 Week Project is Negative Space.

I’m going for the adorable… here’s a Great Pyrenees puppy, he’s just a few days old! He’s so cute!

Up next is For the Love Pet Photography in Portland, Oregon. Follow all the links until you get back to StinkDog Photos.

Have a great week everyone.



© 2012 StinkDog Photos by Deanna Hurt All rights reserved.

Blur 52 | Week Project | Week 23

Wow! It’s Friday. Time for another 52 Week Project. This week’s theme is blur. It’s fitting since this past week was a blur it went by so fast!

We concentrate so hard at getting a nice sharp image we forget how wonderful a little blur can be.

Here is Boo in my front yard. I used a Lensbaby for help with the blur.

So cute with the flower by his ear.

I loved this, the lens flare looks like a waterfall in front of Boo!

Up next is Unleashed! pet portraits in Victoria, BC. Follow the world wide blog ring of professional pet photographers until you get back to Denver, StinkDog Photos.

Have a great week!



© 2012 StinkDog Photos by Deanna Hurt All rights reserved.