Black and White | 52 Week Project | Week 4

Happy Friday!

Our theme for the 52 Week Project is Black and White. Normally I don’t tell anyone what the theme is ahead of time but I was on the phone with my lovely mother this week and told her. She said that the TV show I Love Lucy used different colors of gray instead of using just black and white to give it more depth and that’s why the TV show looked so good for it’s time. It’s a great show and sometimes I get to watch an episode late at night. I think the episode I always remember is the candy factory.  Below is a tribute to I Love Lucy and the candy factory, only instead of candy, Boo wanted to use dog biscuits. Honestly, I would have preferred the chocolate but Boo’s the boss. As most dogs are the boss of their humans.


Boo Loves Lucy

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Have a great week everyone. If you’d like to check out another 52 Week Project, click here.



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Our Town | 52 Week Project | Week 3

Time to showcase Denver in this week’s 52 Week Project, the theme is our town. Denver is a beautiful city and I’m not going to show it. Sorry. Normally I love to have pictures of my beautiful city in the background but the timing of this post coincided with an annual event that happens in Denver every year, the National Western Stock Show. The stock show is one of the largest rodeos in America and 600,000 to 700,000 people attend every year. This is the stock show’s 107th year and you can read about it’s history here. It is definitely a part of Denver’s character along with micro brews, the Broncos, bicycling and super nice people.

The stock show is 16 days and the ceremony starts with a parade downtown. I believe it is the only parade I’ve ever seen that has 30 or 40 Texas long horns running down the street. There are a lot of different events to attend, including a dog agility competition, I went to see the bull riders. They are interesting fellas for sure. One of riders still had half his face paralyzed from his last competition!

Rider Introduction.

Notice the feet above the head? This is not the correct way to ride.

Levitating bull. He’s making it look easy.


Ok, this is not part of the bull riding event. This is part of the Livestock show the sheep were entered in a breeders competition but, they were so cute I had to include them. Baaaaa.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Denver, come back any time.

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52 Week Project: Week 2 – Seasonal Fun

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Friday and week 2 of the 52 Week Project. This week’s theme is seasonal fun. Cold weather or winter fun for those of us in the northern hemisphere and warm weather fun for our friends in the southern hemisphere. I’m so jealous of you guys right now!!

Well it is cold in Colorado and we haven’t had much snow in Denver so it’s just been a really cold autumn. Since there isn’t any snow Boo and I take a lot of long hikes when we can. Our hike for these photos was Red Rocks Amphitheater. It’s just about 15 minutes from my house and it’s my favorite place in the world to see a concert. The sound is awesome, it’s beautiful, and there is not a bad seat in the house. We joke about getting in shape for the summer concert season because of all the stair climbing at Red Rocks and all year long people run the stairs for exercise. I have to say I thought I was getting a really good work out and burning a ton of calories until I saw a sign that said if you reach the top you will burn 40 calories. WHAT? That’s it? That doesn’t even cover the beer I’m going to have when I’m done!

Here is a photo of Boo at Red Rocks. The monolith behind Boo is called Ship Rock.

Head over to Greater Boston area pet photographer, Blue Amrich and see what kind of fun things she’s been up to in the (I’m assuming) cold weather and follow the links until you get back to StinkDog Photos. Have a great week everyone.

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52 Week Project: Week 1 – Family

This week’s theme is Family. We spend so much time taking photos of other families the idea was to get a photo of our own this week.

My last name is Hurt. Every once in a while I get mail addressed to “The Hurt Family.” It’s so awkward sounding. Every year I’ve wanted to do a Christmas card with my family all dressed up with casts, crutches, and black eyes and so far I haven’t done it. I talked about it again this year but I was so busy taking photos of other families for Christmas that I never had the time. I was hoping Boo would wear the cone of shame, he wouldn’t, and in the end it was just funnier on me anyway. So here is my Hurt family photo (husband not included).

Go visit Connecticut Pet Photographer, Kathryn Schauerand her family and follow the links until you get back to StinkDog Photos. Have an awesome week everyone!

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