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Cleo’s Favorite Things

I loved Oprah’s favorite things show. A lot of the stuff I didn’t have a need for, heck, a lot of the stuff I couldn’t even afford, but sometimes you’d find a gem. Something you didn’t know existed but it would solve a problem or it was just something you just fell in love with. So I thought I’d do a “favorite things list” for Cleo, things that I loved for him. But I think first I need to create a list of Cleo’s favorite things.

Snacks and Toys:

Zukes snacks are a favorite it doesn’t matter what flavor. I use them for photo shoots and Cleo has broken into my camera bag more than once to help himself. He loves them. He will do anything for them, when I grab the bag he runs over and starts doing random tricks to try to get me to give him the snack sooner.

Thinkers by Plato are a snack made with Duck. Duck has DHA which helps their brain function, they appear to be yummy too because he gobbles them down pretty fast.

Greenies – Cleo loves munching on these and I love them because they really do help stinky breath.

Cleo doesn’t fetch. He likes to play tug and he really likes to kill the squeakers in stuffed toys. But this duck from Multipet has hung on for a year. For some reason it’s the one stuffed toy he hasn’t torn to shreds. He carries it around with him and squeaks it but he hasn’t murdered it yet. That doesn’t mean I won’t come home tomorrow and find duck stuffing everywhere but for now it’s his friend.

Crackle Heads toy from JW Pet Company. Like I said, Cleo doesn’t fetch but he chews on the Crackle toy to make noise when he wants to play. He crunches it and pretends to give it to me and then runs. Crinkle, run, repeat.
Cleo's favorite things for dogs

Cleo’s favorite things for dogs

What else does Cleo like besides snacks and toys? Walks, belly rubs, naps, and a nice cool drink from the toilet. He’s a dog, he doesn’t have a long list. And since he’s a dog he can’t give away bundles of his favorite things like Oprah did.

Does your dog have a favorite product? Let us know, maybe Cleo would like it too.

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52 Week Project: Week 43 – Motivation

It’s Friday already? Wow. The week went by really fast. We had photo shoots, post processing, web development, printing, advertising, and hanging a new installation this week to keep us busy. So this week’s project was pretty good timing. Motivation.

Why pet photos? What keeps me motivated to do this of all things? I’m motivated to take pet photos and do a good job because I want people to have great photos of their furry family members to
keep them happy, to show off to friends and family, and to remember
their furry family members long after they are gone.

The photos I present to a client are likely to be posted on social
media sites, hung up on walls in offices and homes, used as screen savers, so I present them
with photos that are reminders of their pets personalities and looks.  They will not have neon green laser beam eyes and you will
be able to see the way their hair swirls on their chest or behind their
ears, or the way they constantly have drool dripping because while they are with us those are the things we notice.

I also want the animals to be comfortable and have fun when I’m taking their photos. I love being around animals and I’d much rather spend my day playing with and taking photos of pets than just about anything else. So I want to do a great job so I can keep doing it. That’s my motivation.

Tucker’s motivation is to please his papa. High five Tucker! You are doing a great job.

Go check out San Diego puppy photographer, Terran Bayer of Westway Studio and click all the links until you get back to StinkDog Photos to see how other pet photographers interpreted motivation.

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Need a massage? So does your dog!

I recently met with Lisa from Relax Your Dog, she is a canine therapeutic massage therapist. I have to admit I wasn’t sold on the idea of a massage therapist for a dog… I pet Cleo all the time and rub his sore legs and scratch his ears. What can she really do that I can’t? It turns out she can do quite a bit.
Working with stressed out dogs, geriatric dogs, and dogs that are recovering from injury, Lisa provides a trust-based, therapeutic massage that can help decrease blood pressure, inflammation, stress, anxiety, soreness, pain, and tension. Any of the benefits that humans get from a massage help a dog as well.
She’s quite interesting and knows so much about animal behavior and nutrition. I’m interested in learning more about what she does and if you want to learn more contact her through her website

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Manicure anyone?

The only thing Cleo hates more than a bath is getting his nails trimmed. We take him to the vet once a month to get them trimmed. Why the vet? It takes 4 people! The groomer doesn’t have enough people on staff to get his nails trimmed. We’ve tried doing it at home but I can usually trim only one or two nails before Cleo, Jamie, and I are out of breath. It’s a struggle. We’ve tried giving him treats and we’ve tried the nail sander. We take walks every day and his nails still grow really fast. Any advice? We’d love to find an easier way so Cleo isn’t so upset about getting his nails done. 

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