Street Photography | 52 Week Project | Week 39

It’s Friday and it’s time for my first 52 Week Project. Woohoo!

In case you didn’t read my previous post. I joined a group called the Beautiful Beasties Network, it’s a worldwide network of professional pet photographers. Within the BBN there is a group called the 52 Week Project which I also joined. We receive a photography challenge and post the results each Friday on our blog. Our blogs are linked together so you can see the results of all the photographers that participated that week.

This week’s assignment was Street Photography. I’m fascinated by traditional street photography but, I had not yet tried it on my own. The idea of purposely setting out to take candid photos of strangers is intimidating.
That being said, we were allowed to interpret this how we wanted to so I took a few pictures of our dog Cleo in downtown Denver near some interesting murals.
street photography
street photography
However, I really wanted to try the traditional method so I wondered my neighborhood in search of something. I found the poor pup below with the collar of shame, a cast on his leg, waiting with dad outside of a groomer’s shop. I took two shots and left. I’m not sure either of them noticed me. I will try this again and next time I’ll be brave.
street photography 02

street photography 01

Be sure to check out the awesome work of Central Coast Pet Photographer, Sharon Stokes.

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52 Week Project

This week I joined a group called the 52 Week Project. It’s a group of professional pet photographers that stretch their creativity and photography skills by completing a weekly photography project and posting the results on their blogs.

It works like this: someone in the group sends out an email with a theme and we have a week to take photos using the theme in our photography. At the end of the week all of the photographers post the results, with pictures, on their blogs. The cool thing is at the end of the blog there is a link to one of the other photographers so if you like you can check out how the other photographers interpreted the assignment. Each blog is connected to a different photographer so if you have time and you want to see all of the photographers in the group you can do that just by following the links.  A really easy way to get to see a lot of great photography.
This is my first week participating. I’ll be posting the results on Friday. I’m excited and a little nervous. Want to know what the subject is this week? Come back on Friday and check it out.
You didn’t really think I’d tell you ahead of time did you?

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The house is full! No new cats at Maxfund.

Giving back

I spend a lot of time volunteering at the Maxfund. I take photos of the dogs and the cats for their website every week. This week I went in to take photos of the new cats and there are hardly any new cats there. The house is full!

Rescue, rescue, rescue

If you are looking for a companion I suggest heading over to meet some of the cats. There are big cats, small cats, adult cats, kittens, cuddly cats, and some that could use a little help socializing.

Kallie is beautiful and a little shy, but with patience, I’m sure Kallie would be happy to serve as a kitty bff to the lucky person that adopts him.


Adoptable cats at Maxfund

Adoptable cats at Maxfund

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Old Family Pet Photos

This week we are celebrating old family photos that included our pets. We love these photos because of the expressions on our family and pet’s faces, we’re cherishing those who have left us, and they allow us to hold onto special memories.

We’ve put up a few of our favorite photos on our blog and our Facebook page and we would love it if you posted your old family pet photos on our Facebook page and let us know why you love them so much. We really do want to see them!!

This photo is our son Tyler hugging Cleo soon after we brought Cleo home from the Dumb Friends League, a rescue group in Denver. I love how they both look so happy. We always joked with Tyler that Cleo was his brother from another mother.
 old family photos
 This photo is Tyler at six months learning how to pet our kitty.
old photos with family pets
old photos with family pets
Don’t forget to share your old family photos with your pets on our Facebook page!

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The Bell Tolls for Thee. A Story About Classical Conditioning.

Most of us know the story of Pavlov’s dogs and his theory of classical conditioning. He rang a bell and called the dogs for their food. After a short period of time the dogs would salivate when they heard a bell ring. I’m just wondering if there isn’t more to that story.

Learning new tricks

The reason I wonder is because my husband Jamie thought it was a great idea to train Cleo to ring a Christmas bell that was on our front door and give him a snack. It was his modified version of Pavlov’s dog experiment. So he worked with him for several days. He would get a treat bring Cleo to the door and get him to ring the bell. In no time at all whenever Jamie went to the cookie jar Cleo would run to the door and ring the bell. A cute trick indeed.

Be careful what you teach the dog

What we didn’t count on was Cleo thinking that was a great way to beg. Soon after he would run to the door ring the bell and stare at my husband. Jamie would get up and bring him a snack. Once Cleo realized it worked he did it all the time.  I thought it was hysterical and every time he would ring the bell I would laugh and say, “Train Jamie!” Jamie would roll his eyes and go grab a treat. In no time at all whenever we would watch tv the dog would get up and start ringing the bell or we would sit down to dinner and he would run to the bell. Each time Jamie got up to get Cleo a treat. Smart dog!

Ding, ding, ding

Once Jamie decided he no longer wanted to be at Cleo’s “beck and ring” he would ignore the ringing. We would watch a movie and the bell would ring for 20 minutes before Cleo would give up, flop on the floor, and give a big long sigh. It was at least a month before he gave up. It’s been a long time since Cleo rang the bell on his own, he knows it doesn’t work, but every once in a while I say, “Train Jamie!” and Cleo rings the bell, Jamie rolls his eyes at me but gets up to get the dog a treat. Jamie, the bell tolls for thee.

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