The 8 Luckiest Dogs in Colorado | Colorado Lottery

Last week I told you all about photographing dogs for the Colorado Lottery. This week the tickets are out and I wanted to show you which dogs will have their faces on the Lucky Dog scratch ticket.

Take a look and see the 8 luckiest dogs in Colorado.




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Lucky Dog Scratch Ticket | Colorado Lottery

Who is the luckiest dog in Colorado? Right now I think it’s me! I’ve been bursting at the seams waiting to tell you all. In January I photographed a lot of amazing dogs for the Colorado Lottery over a two day period in Denver and Pueblo and they created a fun new scratch ticket called Lucky Dog that goes on sale today.
They selected 8 different photos of dogs for these adorable scratch tickets and they look so cute! Check out my video to see some of the dogs I photographed and then check out their page to see who made it on the tickets. Stay tuned for some behind the scenes images.

Thank you, Colorado Lottery, I had a great time!




Deer Creek Valley Park | Guinness

Who’s a good boy? Guinness is good boy.

I met Guinness and his family through the folks at Freedom Service Dogs. They wanted me to photograph him and his family for an upcoming campaign.

It turns out Guinness and his family are avid hikers so we decided to meet at the Deer Creek Canyon Trail in Littleton, Colorado. If you haven’t been to Deer Creek Canyon and you’re in the area, go. It’s a fairly easy hike and it’s gorgeous. Not only is the trail beautiful you also have a great view of the front range and the trail itself is nice and wide for plenty of walking space.

Guinness recently moved to Colorado and was happy to have his photo taken for a little attention and a lot of snacks. He enjoyed the trail too, sniffing and observing everything and looking incredibly handsome. What a lucky boy. It’s nice to have a family take you to all these fun new places all the time and great to get so much exercise. Don’t get us wrong, Guinness is just fine getting a good nap in too.

Take a look for yourself. Below are photos of Guinness the dog during his photography session at the Deer Creek Canyon Trail.

Good boy, Guinness.

Guinness the dog on a hike in Co
Guinness at Deer Creek Valley Park.













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Who’s a Lucky Dog

In January I photographed a lot of lucky dogs from Denver and Pueblo in the studio for a fun new project. I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to tell you what it’s for. But, you’ll have to wait just a few more days to find out why (oh, it’s killing me, I really want to tell you!)

In the meantime, try to guess which dog is the luckiest dog in Colorado!

Below are a few of the lucky dogs that got to participate in the project. Aren’t they cute? You lucky dogs you!!

Lucky Dogs in Colorado participate in photo session.
These lucky Dogs participated in photo session with StinkDog Photos for a fun new campaign in Colorado.


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52 Week Project | Exposure | Week 5

Whoop, whoop, it’s Friday!

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in the 52 Week Project and the project has changed quite a bit. The project is now focused on a more technical aspect of photography.

This week’s theme is exposure: optimize your raw exposures.

The idea is to create the best photo in camera. You want it to have highlights that show detail and shadows that show detail. Anything too light or too dark and you will lose data.

We are supposed to turn on a feature in our camera that shows the “blinkies” when you take a photo. The blinkies are a warning that a highlight is overexposed, you can see below where the red arrow is pointing the black portions show you what’s overexposed. If you look at the photo on the back of the camera without that feature turned on you can miss that assuming a portion of the photo is white instead of overexposed. That happens frequently with snow, or white fur.

I admit that I rarely turn this feature on, I find it annoying. If I’m taking a photo of something that is white on white, I might turn it on but most of the time I’m just very careful with my exposure and sometimes shoot a tiny bit darker in light situations to avoid missing data.

Example of the blinkies.
Example of the blinkies on Canon

This is a photo of Boo in his dog house. It snowed two days ago and you can see the snow is still like fresh powder. Boo only goes into his house for snacks. He’s an inside dog, he’s sleeping under my desk right now, but we got the house thinking he might like it in the summer to stay cool. Not so much. So now I bribe him with snacks to get in there if I want to take a photo of him in it and he usually stands  just inside and and pokes his head out.

Anyway…. this photo is straight out of camera. It had a tiny amount of blinkies on the left hand side in the snow but when I changed the aperture it was a little too dark and the snow was a bit gray. I made the choice to use this photo instead of the other. I’m ok with a tiny bit of detail missing in snow if Boo Radley isn’t underexposed.

Straight out of camera
Straight out of camera

This is the same photo with some small edits. I lowered the highlights, removed some eye boogies, and brightened up his face a tiny bit.

With minor edits.
With minor edits

I wanted to try it again with flash. You can look at the first photo above to see how many blinkies there were in the photo. I would have changed the settings to get rid of a few of them but my husband came home and Boo ran out of the dog house. There is no treat better than dad coming home. Just goes to show you sometimes it’s more important to get the photo instead of making it perfect. But, if you have time and a patient model it’s great to try it again.

Flashing Boo in his dog house straight out of camera
Flashing Boo in his dog house, straight out of camera.

Here is the same photo with some minor edits. I decreased the highlights, and cleaned up Boo’s eye boogies.

Flashing Boo Radley in his dog house with edits
Flashing Boo Radley in his dog house with edits

This is my favorite photo of Boo Radley in his dog house. It was from a previous blog about symmetry. I love the fence in the background, the snow falling off the roof and Boo giving me that very focused treat face.

Symmetry in dog photos
Symmetry in dog photos

Up next is Spotty Nose Pet Photogray, Los Angeles, CA.


Have a great week!


The Dog in the Kitchen | Healthy Stuff for Kongs

We all know that busy dogs are well behaved dogs. Boo and I have our walks around Denver in the morning, training in the afternoon and sometimes there is a photo session stuck in there as well so he’s kind of a busy guy.

Sometimes though I have to meet a deadline, I’m at my computer working and clearly not doing my job entertaining him so he will try to jump on my lap while I work. He’s 70 pounds so that’s just not a good option.

Giving him food puzzles is a great way to keep him busy. He has to work to get a snack and it keeps him busy so I can get my work done. He’s a smart boy though and he’s figured out most of the puzzles pretty quickly and now he gets through them in seconds. So we donated those to a shelter but we kept the Kong toys. These are great to stuff and throw in the freezer and it will keep him busy for at least a half hour.

I’ve tried looking up Kong recipes online and to be honest I was a little horrified by the junk food people put in them. Don’t fill them with spray cheese, marshmallows, and other things that your dogs don’t need in their diet

I want Boo to have a healthy life and live as long as possible so I buy quality food. I use healthy snacks for him and all of my photography sessions as well.

Here a  couple of recipes I use to fill the Kongs. The great thing is it’s inexpensive too. The total for the ingredients was $6.36 and that will fill at least ten of the large Kongs. I like to prep them all at once so I have one if I need it in a pinch.

The first is kind of a standard recipe, peanut butter, banana and a small amount of oats. Be cautious when you buy peanut butter, I pick one that only has peanuts in the ingredients list. Some of them have sweeteners that can kill your dog.

Healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe
Healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe.






















This is the jar of peanut butter, three bananas and just a handful of oats to give it a little texture.

Mixing healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe
Mixing healthy ingredients for a tasty kong recipe.

I put a bit of wax paper or saran wrap at the bottom of a Kong and place it in a mug to make it easier to fill. Once it’s filled I finish wrapping it and place it in the freezer. 

Easy way to fill the Kong if you don't have 4 hands.
Easy way to fill the Kong if you don’t have 4 hands.


This is a great fall recipe for your dog. Sweet potato, carrots, and an apple. If I already have the oven on I’ll roast them. If not, I don’t mind popping the sweet potato in the microwave and boiling the carrots. Then I chop them into small pieces and mix it together. If you really want to be fancy you could add cranberry or parsley to it.

A fun fall recipe for your dogs Kong.
A fun fall recipe for your dogs Kong.

This is a much healthier and less expensive option than buying pressed bones or garbage snacks to keep them busy. Just make sure the foods you do choose to add to a kong are healthy for your dog.

Here’s a photo of Boo Radley in the back yard with a Kong. Usually he eats them on the kitchen floor but I confess I made him come outside because I can’t get enough of the fall leaves!

Boo Radley busy with his Kong.
Boo Radley busy with his Kong.



Rolling Hills Doggie Swim

If you love warm weather, blue skies, and the smell of wet dog then the Rolling Hills doggie swim was the place to be yesterday.

The Rolling Hills neighborhood ended the summer season and closed the pool with a really fun doggie swim. Neighborhood dogs came to jump in the water, splash around, and play. It was a dream to photograph all these Colorado dogs having such a great time.

Melissa from A Pet’s Best Friend organized the event and there were several vendors from the local pet industry there, including CRCG, Small Things Veterinary House Calls, and Muttz.

Everyone had a great time as you can see from the photos.


Doggie Swim in Rolling Hills Captured by Denver Pet Photographer, StinkDog Photos
Doggie Swim in Rolling Hills Captured by Denver Pet Photographer, StinkDog Photos


If you would like to see all the photos check out the gallery for StinkDog Photos doggie swim session.


Warmth | 52 Week Project | Week 38

Happy Friday!

Warmth is the theme for the project this week. We can make our photos look warm or project warmth in another way.

The leaves haven’t started changing just yet in Colorado but it won’t be long before the Aspens are sporting their beautiful gold leaves in the mountains so I had to rely on a little bit of post processing to get the color.

I’m excited for fall and looking forward to a few drives with the dog and the camera this year. Boo is just barely starting to behave on a leash so if I’m lucky I’ll be able to get a photo of him someplace besides the back yard, assuming I’ve brought enough treats.

He looks like he doesn’t appreciate my last comment.

denver pet photographer 52 week project
Warmth is the theme for the 52 Week Project

Up next is I Got The Shot Photography. Click all the links until you get back to StinkDog Photos.

Have an awesome weekend.



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Sky | 52 Week Project |Week 36

Happy Friday!

Sky is the theme for the 52 Week Project this week. I have to say the sky is one of my favorite things living out west. In Colorado it’s clear most of the time (we love to brag about our 300 + days of sunshine) and we get these spectacular sunsets.

I tend to have the sky showing in a lot of my photos already so this was a fun week for me.

Here is Boo Radley in silhouette with a beautiful sunset.

Boo Radley's silhouette with a midwestern sunset
StinkDog Photos captures a midwestern sunset with dogs silhouette.

Up next is Trina Bauer Photography.

Have a great week.




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Trucks 4 Pups | Adoption Event

Stinkin’ cute dogs, yummy food, and awesome musicians make for a really fun event; and when those stinkin’ cute dogs end up finding furever homes it’s even better.

The event I’m talking about is Trucks 4 Pups, a yearly adoption event in Colorado put on by Resort 2 Kindness. They invite rescues to the event, different pet related vendors, entertainment, as well as yummy food trucks. The goal is to find great homes for pets that need them and all the money raised goes to the benefit the rescues.

This year 35 dogs found homes and over $5,000 was raised as well as in kind donations of food, leashes, collars, dog toys and treats to help the shelters.

I was there to take event photos and had a booth for StinkDog Photos as well. I donated a gift certificate to the auction for a pet photography session and I also had a drawing for a free session at my booth. I am really excite dot meet the winners and once they have had their sessions I’ll post the photos on the blog.  In the mean time here are a few photos from the event.

Photos from Trucks 4 Pups
Photos from Trucks 4 Pups

Thank you to Resort 2 Kindness, a non-profit organization that promotes generosity, thoughtfulness, and unconditional love for hosting this amazing event. Please check them out they do really wonderful things for the community.




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